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Winter 2017
NGA Promoters: Earl “The Pearl” Snyder and Terri Whitsel
Athletes line-up with NGA Promoters:
Terri Whitsel and Earl “The Pearl” Snyder
The Finals were kicked of by a motivational audio clip by Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie Pumping Iron. It was read aloud in dark- ness, so that all ears were focused. The athletes were behind the closed stage curtains listening along with the audience. Once it was inished, the curtains were drawn back and the lights came up. The 2016 NGA East Coast Natural Champions were proudly displayed on stage to begin the National Anthem. After the routines, the wait was inally over.the Awards Ceremony began. The PROs were expected. Lisa Irizzarry vientos cleaned house in the PRO Figure Masters and took 2nd in the PRO Figure Open. The PRO Figure Open class winner was clinched by Michelle Buggs. Jenni- fer Passaniti-Price showed an amazing physique and took the PRO Masters Bikini division by storm in 1st place. The PRO Women’s Physique was graced and captured by Debbie Bracy, who had just celebrated her 60th birthday. Patrick Carr in the PRO Men’s divisions, cleaned some house. He took irst in PRO Men’s Physique and also 1st in PRO Classic Physique, where Pardovani Dominique, from Guyana came in 2nd. Paul Harley, who won the PRO Men’s Masters Bodybuilding, also took 3rd in the PRO Open. The PRO Men’s Masters Bodybuilding champion was Kris Troup. The PRO Open had John Chelednik in 2nd and Jess Taylor securing 1st place.
The amateur open classes produced several NGA pro qualiier winners. Alyssa Spaw captured the Bikini Open Overall. The Figure Open Overall went to Julie Patula. Gerald Price took the Men’s Physique Open by storm with the Overall win. The NGA’s newest class; the Men’s Classic Physique Open, produced 2 new PROs with Kyle Frantz in 2nd and Clint Brackbill taking 1st.
The overall winners walked away with all the trophies and supplements, but they also received leather jackets given by Joe Ortiz, AST Sports Science.
The show was nothing short of successful,
as it has been in past years. The amazing crowd was into the show from the very beginning with cowbells, air horns, and loud, very loud cheers and celebrations of every competitor’s success.
Our next show, the 2017 NGA North American Championships & Ed Cole PRO Classic, is being held at the beautiful resort, The Woodlands Resort, in Wilkes-Barre, PA on April 29th. We bring the 2017 NGA East Coast Natural back to Penn State again on September 23rd. Get all the details at www. n
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