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Winter 2017
Coral Springs, FL – November 12, 2016
The NGA Pro/Am universe and Ameri- can Natural Championships have proven to be the ultimate NGA top
show. Athletes competed from across the globe, including Dubai and Italy.
The weekend was kicked off on Thursday evening with a posing seminar conducted by our very own NGA Officials, Paul Omar, Earl Snyder, and Terri Whitsel. 15 eager to learn competitors soaked up suggestions, expertise, and hands on posing skills; as well as competition day tips that are vital to both first timers and experienced athletes. One attendee stated, “Learned a lot of valuable informa- tion. One can never stop learning.”
After an exciting day of athlete registration, the annual NGA Promoters Meeting was held at the host hotel. 15 Promoters, including one remote from Washington State and one from New Jersey,
joined our NGA President and vice President to discuss important issues that could affect the future of the NGA. There was history in the making for this year’s NGA universe. The entire show was streamed live worldwide thanks to uNALTERED Athletics. It was great for the bodybuilding com- munity because friends and family that could not attend the show, could watch how their athlete performed.
The Founder and President, Andrew Bostinto and the vice President, Francine Bostinto, intro- duced the newest inductee to the NGA Hall of Fame. This year’s recipient went to David Spindel. He has been promoting with the NGA since the beginning. He has trained many champions and has devoted his time to the NGA by promoting many shows. His legacy continues strong in the drug-free bodybuilding world. David has trained many universe Champions to include yhonnie Schambourger, Bernard Sealy, and our very own
NGA Pro/Am Univ NGA American Nat 

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