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Winter 2017
Jo Jo Joy
Pro Bikini Open 1st Place
All of the the 2016 shows have led to to to the the Pro universe and what a a a a a a a finale it was! Dorene Castelline brought her top phy-
sique from Pennsylvania to to edge out Michelle Johnson in in the Pro Bikini Masters Division The The Pro Men’s Masters Bodybuilding was stacked These pros did some battling on on the stage When all was said and done Alpha Smith Jr finished fin in third place place Second place place 2016 Dorene Castelline Pro Bikini Master 1st Place
Francine Bostinto NGA Vice President
Coral Springs FL – November 12 2016 Tania valdes
Pro Figure Open & Masters 1st Place
was David Moore leaving Daron Monroe claiming the universe Title The Pro Pro Figure Figure Masters and the Pro Pro Figure Figure Open were very tough as as as well In third place was Sherry Perper followed by Angie Balfour in in in second Tania valdez rose to to to the the top to to to be the the clear cut Pro universe winner in in in both classes 54 NGA NATURAL mag
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