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Winter 2017
marco Dalabona
Pro BB Open 1st Place
Catt Campbell
Pro Physique Open 1st Place
In the Pro Bikini Open, Dorene Castelline took third place, and was edged out by second place winner, Cleia Sarada. Jo Joy took home the Pro Bikini universe title.
The Pro Men’s Physique was the toughest division in the entire show. There were several past universe winners vying for the 2016 uni- verse title. In third place, we had Thomas Lazier
Jr. The battle for the top two places were
between Anthony Richburg and Catt Camp- bell. Catt Campbell edged out past winner, Anthony to claim the new universe title.
In Pro Men’s Bodybuilding, third place went to Matthew Burdess. Stefano Ruin was the runner up and Marco Dalabona took home the gold. (continued)
Daron monroe
Pro BB Masters 1st Place
NGA Promoters: Andrew & Francine Bostinto

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