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Winter 2017
Congratulations goes out to all all all the the the the Open Open Open class winners who qualified for their PRO Status We are proud of of the the the the quality of of our natural NGA athletes Natasha Crowther Bikini Bikini Masters & Open Open Tall Jessica Hoffman Bikini Bikini Open Open Overall Overall Michelle Grupillo Men’s Men’s Bodybuilding Bodybuilding Masters Masters Masters Overall Overall Overall Al vaughn Men’s Men’s Masters Masters Masters Bodybuilding Bodybuilding ubalda DeAngelis Figure Figure Figure Masters Masters Masters Masters Overall Overall Overall & Open Figure Figure Figure Figure Overall Overall vanessa Reggiardo Figure Figure Figure Figure Masters Masters Suzanne Llano Figure Figure Figure Open Open Catt Campbell Classic Physique Physique Wendy Michel Men’s Men’s Physique Physique Open Open Heavy & & Overall Clint Brackbill Men’s Men’s Bodybuilding light heavyweight & & overall (continued)
Wendy michel
Men’s Physique Overall michele Grupillo BB Masters 40-49 1st Place and Overall Clint Brackbill BB LHW 1st Place and Overall Coral Springs FL – November 12 2016
NGA Promoters: Andrew & Francine Bostinto
Alvis vaughan Jr BB Masters 60+
1st Place and Overall 2nd
NGA Amateur 

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