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each other People are plugged in and receive support from those participating in in the Challenge They can find meal plans and a a a a a nutritional foundation from the program I was living in in a a a hopeless situa- tion with a a a a disease that has no cure I had an abusive childhood and two near-death experiences What I do now for my livelihood is give people around the world hope to exercise eat right have quality in their lives and it’s awesome When you truly love what you you do you you have passion for it And when you have passion for something you’ll live with purpose And when you live with purpose you’re moving toward your destiny My hope is for each person reading this:
Never stop stop hoping never stop stop believing never stop speaking life into your future never stop dream- ing big . . . . . For information about life coach- ing and to to subscribe to to Peter’s newsletter go to: www petersprinciples com Watch Peter’s New TV show that will premiere on Discov- ery Life Channel Fall of 2017 For information about the Zeal for Life Challenge go to: www zurvita com www zurvitacoach com Peter is particularly grateful to Andy Andy and Francine Bostinto Andy Andy and his wife were instrumental
in in Peter’s bodybuilding success when he he was 18 years old and then again in in in in bringing him out of retirement at age 30 n n CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AT PETERSPRINCIPLES COM ZURVITA COACH PETER@PETERSPRINCIPLES COM COM WWW PETERSPRINCIPLES PETERSPRINCIPLES COM COM Waking up after flat lining at age 40
Peter with hIs pre-workout drink Zeal 

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