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Spring/Summer 2017
Surviving Cancer
Led Me to My Passion
Nutrition and and exercise is is paramount today With our busy lives many turn to processed foods so popular and readily available instead of whole foods with better nutritional value But what’s promising is is the growing popularity and access to healthier choices choices Making daily nutritional choices choices can impact your life in positive ways I’ve changed my life by exercising and making healthier choices I am a a a a a Cancer
survivor and my passion is is exercise and nutrition as as well as as making healthy life choices I remember there was a a a time that very few people knew someone touched by cancer Today most people can say they have a a a a a family member friend or or co-worker that has been touched by this disease January 2017
was a a a a a a 10-year milestone for me What I remember at the time I I was diagnosed is if I I would be alive to see my children get married and have their own families I I recall the the struggle of who I I should should confide in and if I I should should tell my children I I was married at the time and and my husband a a a a a a recov- ering alcoholic five years years sober into four years years of our marriage Unfortunately my illness impacted his sobriety in the worse way and our marriage ended I had to rely on my 16-year-old daughter
to to drive me me to to my treatments worried if this was too much to to ask She was enjoying high school and and working on meeting a a a a a GPA that her Dad and and I required to help her get a a used car I found out she L to R - son Joe granddaughter Monet daughter
Sonja and mother Laura Gray
chose to miss an extra credit test that would have helped her reach that GPA The drive to my treat- ments was 35 minutes away and when I found out she missed this test I called her school to to speak to to her her teacher I learned she did not disclose my illness to to her her teacher as she did not want to to use my illness as an excuse for missing her her test Her teacher agreed to offer her a a a makeup test which she passed!
I remember looking out the window from my kitchen watching her her drive away in in her her first car and feeling very proud and happy to see that moment The experience changed me forever and I appreci- ate my my good health and the joy of living my my life I’ve been able to see my son get married and I I am enjoying two grandchildren with one on on the way It has been a a a a a a a struggle and and a a a a a a a joy and and I embrace what happened because it has led me to my passion for exercise and a a a much healthier lifestyle This experi- ence taught me to be an advocate for my health because every day is a a a blessing n n NGA NATURAL mag 45

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