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Spring/Summer 2017
Classic Physique Open - Scott Trump Matthew Dantone (NGA Pro Card) Albert Broody (NGA Pro Card) Brad Musto Rodney Addison
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Earl “The Pearl” Snyder and Terri Whitsel
Lorraine take the the the ladies thru their half turns This was was the the the loudest crowd that we heard at at a a a a a a a a a a a a a show It was was a a a a a a a a a a a a a tough overall with Mia coming out the victor In the the Figure Short class it was was Maria Wozniak taking 1st place while Ebony Ebony Fenstermaker was was victorious in in the the the Figure Tall Class When Maria & Ebony Ebony came out for the the the overall the the crowd did not let up up and all all all mayhem broke
loose again Ebony ended up up qualifying for her NGA Pro status Rounding out the the women’s open division was was the the Physique class class This class class was was loaded and unique You had six top top athletes athletes who came to to to do some battling The top top two athletes athletes were a a a a a a a a a a a mother/daughter combination It was Dawn Litzinger Litzinger edging out her her her daughter daughter daughter Preslee Litzinger Litzinger for the the the title Both mother and daughter daughter earned their NGA Pro qualifying status The top three place winners in in in in the Men’s Physique Open class were: Pardovani Dominque taking 1st fol- lowed by George Grimes in in in in 2nd and Kenny Williams taking the bronze One of the the the toughest classes was was the the the Classic Physique It was was was Albert Broody edging out Matthew Dantone for 1st Rodney Addison
was was was 3rd followed by Brad Musto in in 4th and the the youngest competitor at at 18 was was Scott Trump coming in in 5th Every one of these guys will have a a a a a a great future In In the the the Bodybuilding Open Classes it was Mathew Danton beating Aaron Iben In In In the the the the light heavyweight heavyweight Albert Broody beat beat John’l Lovett In In the the heavyweight heavyweight class David David Moore Moore edged out Lee Myers It was David David Moore Moore taking home the overall Our highlight class was the the Transformation Division These athletes were winners because of the the the the obstacles that they they overcame to to be be be where they they are today Their
“before” pictures were were displayed on the the the the the big screen as their stories were were read Then the the the athlete walked out The The crowd was in in in awe Pardovani Dominque took took 3rd while Women’s Physique Open - Maria Wozniak Alisa Matechak Preslee Litzinger Litzinger (NGA (NGA Pro Pro Card) Card) Dawn Litzinger Litzinger (NGA (NGA Pro Pro Card) Card) and Danielle Todman
Rachael Stratton took 2nd was Wendy Serfass n n n Our Transformation winner mpionships & Ed Cole Classic sort In Wilkes-Barre PA

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