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Spring/Summer 2017
to generate the muscle contrac- tions necessary to completely affect growth stimulation Conversely it it it is intensity itself that ultimately determines the ceiling of volume that is required necessary or or even possible for achieving maximum growth stim- ulation It is not a a a coincidence that in in fact once having been achieved
this ‘ceiling’ translates into all the volume that that is required or that that a a a trainee can even stand For both volume and intensity there is is a point of diminishing returns both predicated one on on the the other that is if you train too much then you can’t train as hard and vice versa In either case the the problem will never be training too hard Even greater levels of intensity can be achieved
by the application of intensity enhancing techniques discussed elsewhere Time is also a a a consideration
for the enhancement of intensity therefore a a certain element of brevity must also be brought into the equation for best results With high intensity training only a a a small window of time is available to yield the greatest possible value of exercise The actual workouts must therefore be short and brief It is a a quickened pace or momentum generated by the proper applica- tion of exercise that enhances and literally enables levels of intensity beyond that which are normally attainable with conventional train- ing methods Intensity itself imposes limita- tions in workout brevity brevity brevity brevity being a a necessity when training with truly high intensity Even as an increase in in volume compro- mises intensity intensity intensity intensity is is also diminished when it is is spread
out over longer periods of time An excess in volume will also adversely affect overall recovery ability But an increase in in workout momentum can become self-lim- iting as as well Decreasing elapsed workout time does not mean to suggest that an increase in in work- out speed is to the point of simply racing through the exercises Not only should all individual movements be performed with high intensity but also in in a a controlled strict and deliber- ate fashion In most cases rest time between sets or groups of exercises should be no more than is required long enough to regain composure and restoration of normal breathing Following these guidelines will provide everything in the the way of the the requirement for training brevity and momentum After a properly performed workout the trainee should experience a tremendous pump which is an indicator of growth As neuromuscular pathways become irresponsive and no longer able to fire at full capacity this is is soon fol- lowed by a a a rapid loss of contractile efficiency While it is the very momentum of the workout and its proper application that enables the target muscle to quickly achieve its satu- ration point the down side after- ward is equally as important an an indicator that the exercise session was successful At this point point when the point point of threshold is reached and the high- est possible percentage of muscle fibers have been affected the tar- get muscle will no longer responds to additional sets in other words the the muscles are shot! Even as the the pump begins to rapidly dissipate at this point you’ll know you’ve had enough n n NGA NATURAL mag

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