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Fall 2017
Stay Strong When the Going Gets Tough
Staying focused when things get tough makes all the difference in in in both training and in in in life When it comes to training proper form and and technique keep you safe and and help you reap the most benefits from every exercise It’s It’s hardest to to to keep your form when the the sets and reps get tough It’s It’s easy to to to to be consumed by the the the burn- ing and muscle fatigue towards the the end of a a a a a a a a a set You may be be in in in in so so much pain that that you don’t even notice a a a a a a a a a a a celebrity walking by because that that burn is is so so consum- ing ing ing and distracting But it’s it’s in in in in those those moments those those last reps of that set when it’s it’s most important to stay stay focused stay stay the the course and keep your your form perfect If you you you you you you let the the the moment consume you you you you you you your your technique breaks down you you you you you risk injury and you you you you you don’t get the the the the benefits of of performing the the the the exercise correctly So the the the the hardest and and most most important part of of the the the set is is when it’s most most difficult to to focus and and to to keep our form In life it’s easy to smile (keep form) when things are going well (the beginning of a a a a a a set) but it it is hardest to smile and make someone’s day (keep form) during
hard times times (the end of a a a a a set) Those times times when when you choose to to smile and and make someone happy when when it is the the the the hardest to to do are the the the the most important and and can make the the the the biggest difference in the the the the world When things aren’t going your way and stress is running high can can be compared to those last couple
of of reps of of a a a a a a a a set During this time you you can’t let your focus focus (form) break down You must stay focused and true to to yourself It’s one of the hardest things to to do do But just like when when training during
those last couple
of of reps when when the the going gets tough and you you choose to to overcome adversity you you get get stronger Just as the the the the the path of of of the the the the the the the ship is not determined by the the the the the the the direction of of of the the the the the the the wind but rather the the the the the the set of of of the the the the the the sails our our our ability to over- come our our our conditions with our our our decisions is is is what makes us human and avail over life’s adversities Our life life is is is the the result of our choices We can subordinate external feelings to to to values “To blame and accuse other other people the the the environment or or other other extrinsic factors is to to to to to choose to to to to empower those things to to to to control us ” 1 These small “wins” “wins” are are the the building blocks of of big “wins” “wins” and more importantly are are the the foundation of of of strong habits “A huge body of of research has shown

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