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Fall 2017
Set Yourself Up For Greatness!
that small wins have enormous power an influence disproportionate to to the the the accomplishments of the the the victo- ries themselves ” 2 Onceweaccomplishasmallwin likechoosingto stay focused during
the the end of a a a a a a set set or or choosing choosing to to smile when we’d rather not we we set set in in in in motion forces that favor other small wins The path to greatness then slowly becomes a a a a a a a a a a habit and bigger achievements become become within reach We need a a a a a a a a goal and and a a a a a a a a destination in in in in in training and and in in in in in in life however we we mustn’t forget that that that the the only thing that that that is is ultimately real about our our journey is is the the the the step that that that we are taking in in the the the present moment That’s all there ever is 3
life change before your eyes n n REFERENCES:
1 Covey StephenR (2003) FirstThingsFirst NewYork NY:FreePress 70 2 2 2 Duhigg Charles(2012) ThePowerofHabit:WhyWeDoWhatWeDoin Life and and Business New York NY: Penguin Random House Company 112 3
Toll Eckhart (1999) The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Novato CA: New World Library & Vancouver B C C C Canada: Namaste Publishing 88 4 4 Sinek Simon(2014) LeadersEatLast:WhySomeTeamsPullTogetherand Others Don’t New York NY: Portfolio/Penguin 157 Dr Nicholas M Licameli PT PT DPT
NGA Pro Bodybuilder/Doctor of Physical Therapy
Every single thing he he does Nick believes in in in in in giving himself to others in in in in in an an attempt to make the world a a a a a a a a happier healthier and more loving place He wants to to give people the the power to to change their lives Bodybuilding and physical therapy serve as ways to carry out that cause His knowledge of sport and and exercise biomechanics movement quality and and the practical application of research combined with personal experience in in in bodybuilding and nutrition allows him to help people in in in truly unique ways ways Love Passion Respect Humility Never an expert Always a a a a a student Love your journey We must focus on our small wins with each each rep and each each choice we make in in life While these little victo- ries may not seem important to to your development rememberthat “howyoudoanythingishowyoudo Youtube
everything ” 4 Fight to to to keep your your form and and and stay true to to to who you you you are when it’s hardest to to to and and and watch your your physique and and and https://www youtube com/channel/UCAWFe5BmaJ_WFAh2aqsOg8g
https://www instagram com/nicklicameli/
https://www facebook com/nicholas michael 58

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