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Fall 2017
I started training in in in in gymnastics working on the the the high bars bars bars and and and and parallel parallel bars bars bars at the the the age of 12 On the the the parallel parallel bars bars bars I I would do handstands and and and and and dips to work my triceps pecs and and and and and back I I I trained in in in the local park where I I I lived as as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a child and and and fell in in in in love with gymnastics I I I became very skilled at hand balancing which took tremendous strength and and balance I I was introduced to weights at the park as as well which is where it all started I would train 7
days a a a a a a a a a a a a a week leaving school
at lunchtime to to workout then head back to to the the park after school
Some days I I I trained 3 or or 4 times a a a a a a a a a a a a day day I I I I loved it that much When I I I I was 16 and in in Jr High School I I I would carry 100lb weight sets 10 10 blocks to to school
to to to instruct other guys My family was so poor that I literally had nothing else to to do but workout WHEN AND HOW DID YOU COMPETE FOR THE FIRST TIME?
My mentor and neighbor Chick Deutsch took second in in in the the the 1940 Mr America He had me me me in in in my first competition at at at at the the the the age of 14 at at at at the the the the Rainbow Theatre
in in in Brooklyn At that time there were were no no classes just just Classic Bodybuilding There were were were no no no trophies just just acknowledgements that you were were there I credit Chick for for showing me me proper training techniques At age 17
I I posed posed for for for the Art Students League in in in in in New York City for for extra money Basically I I I posed posed in in in Classic Body- building poses with pedestals and and I I I I I got $2 each time I I I I did it it I I I I continued to to train and and compete until I I I I went into the army at 18 WHAT WAS IT IT LIKE TRYING TO
Right before I entered the army in in in that same year my my my pictures appeared in in in Strength & Health Magazine When I I I got to the army many thought I I I was some sort of celebrity! While in in in in in in basic training training I I I I completed training training for the the the military police and and and as as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a medic I I trained all the the the time in in in in the the the army and and and taught Judo and and and Physical Instruction because of my my extensive fitness experi- ence I I I I I served overseas and was was assigned to to the the 26th Infantry division When I I I I I I went into the the service I I I I I I was was 160lbs and I I I I I I came out out at at 139lbs It took me me me me some time to to to gain the the weight back After I I I I I got out out that’s when
I I I decided I I I wanted to to start a a a a a a a a a a fitness magazine at at the the age of 21 WHAT GYMS WERE YOU AFFILIATED WITH?
Well before I I went to the the the military military the the the park was my gym gym After the the the the military military I I started training at all the the the the top gyms where many well-known bodybuilders and weightlifters trained I I then began working for Vic Tanny’s Health Club where I I was the the head trainer Eventually Vic Tanny’s went out of of business so so I I purchased some of of their equipment and I I opened
my my own gym named Olympia Gym in Queens NY with my my good friend and partner Al Fives We began promoting a a a a a a a a a contest in in in in the the gym gym in in in in 1963 Several years later some of the the top bodybuilders trained at at my gym gym NGA NATURAL mag 31

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