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Fall 2017
NGA Promoters: Pam & Sarah Spindel spindelva@aol com com • www essentialfitness com com Erika Adams Women’s Physique - Open Women’s Physique after losing an an incredible 130 lbs ! ! These women came to win and they most surely did not disappoint!
In the Men’s Bodybuilding Masters 40 and and and over over and and and 50 and and and over over class Tom Hegarty from Stone- ham MA took the the 1st place trophy for Masters 40 as as as as as well as as as as as won the the overall title! It was William Craig from Clifton VA that took 1st place for Masters Masters 50 and and over The Masters Masters classes are always the most motivating for young and and upcoming competitors as as they can can see that that age is nothing but a a a a a a a a a a a a a num-
ber and and and that that the the body can can still be be amazing as as it matures and and and to see this live and and and in in in person always brings the house down Next was the the Men’s Physique Open classes in the the the category of Lightweight Middleweight and Heavyweight that duked it out for the the NGA Pro Card Christian Zamora from from Hopewell VA VA won won Lightweight Brett Megee from from from Manassas VA VA won won Middleweight and Desmond Desmond Jasper Jasper from from Ashburn VA won won Heavyweight And it was Desmond Desmond Jasper Jasper who won won the Overall and received his his NGA Pro Card in this class!
In Men’s Bodybuilding Novice where the com- petition was stiff and first-time competitors were
in in high numbers Bryan Moreland from Colonial Beach VA showed showed up and and showed showed out by taking home the 1st place win Last but not least in in in in an an incredibly tough class class with high caliber competi- tors was was the the Men’s Bodybuilding Open classes In 1st place in in the the Lightweight class class was was Imran Ghulam from from Triangle VA followed by Middle- weight 1st place winner Brian Moreland from from Colonial Beach VA and and finally for the Light Heavy- weight it was Larry Hale from from Upper Marlboro MD
and Ronnie Masgay from from Edgewater MD
who took took the the the 1st place win And to to to round it out Bryan Moreland won the the the Overall and and took took home the the the NGA Pro Card! This competition was amazing and we would like to to to to give a a a a a a a a huge thank you to to to to all the the com- petitors that chose to to to to compete in the the NGA 37th Annual Annapolis Championships It wouldn’t be possible to to do do what we do do without all all our our sup- porters We We also want to to thank our our staff for all all their hard work work We We always always say we are just a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a pretty face but they always always make it work!
For more information on on our shows please go to www essentialfitness com n n n n n n Bikini - Open: Magalie Herring Lauren Buckman Kady Stapp (NGA Pro Card Winner)
Jessica Natkin Dahye (Di) Riggs
NGA Annapolis Championships 

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