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Fall 2017
warm up and and cool down yield significant benefits in in in lean muscle tissue gain and and maintenance as as as well as as as increased body fat loss over longer periods of aero- bic training in in in in in both short and long-term increments Additional benefits to aerobic training are less stress on on on joints ligaments and tendons while also providing improved cardiovascular nervous system and muscular tissue health You can make your own determination based on on these test results In the the next issue I I will present sample workouts that that can be added to meal and aerobic plans that that that will assist you you you in in getting you you you the physique that that you desire n n with a a a a 4 1 1 1 1 1 pound fat loss On April 11 1992 the subject reduced aerobic training time to twenty-one (21) minutes while maintaining all other aspects of previ- ous training and weighed weighed in in in in in in in in again on May 14 1992 At this time the subject weighed weighed 181 7
pounds pounds at at 5 5 6% body fat fat totaling 171 5 5 pounds pounds pounds from from lean muscle tissue and 10 2 pounds pounds from fat fat The outcome from this trial represented a a a a GAIN of of of of 4 4 4 4 pounds pounds of of of of lean muscle tissue with a a a a a a LOSS of of of of 10 9 9 pounds pounds of of of of fat weight simply accomplished by by reducing the aerobic training time by by nineteen (19) minutes Subsequent testing performed on this same male subject from April 13 1996 1996 through May 23 1996 1996 at at a a a a a a a a a walking pace of of 4 5 miles per per hour at at 10% incline was was performed The purpose of of the test was was to induce lean muscle weight gain while maintaining or or or losing body fat For this test a a a a a a a a a a a mass building meal plan was incorporated The results were as as follows:
On April 13 1996 the subject weighed 176 2 pounds pounds at at 4 4 7% body fat totaling 168 4 4 pounds pounds from from lean muscle tissue and 8 1 1 pounds from from On May 23 1996 the subject weighed 183 1 1 1 1 pounds pounds at at 2 9% body fat totaling 177 9 9 pounds pounds pounds from lean muscle tissue and 5 2 pounds pounds from This represented a a a a lean muscle GAIN of of 9 9 5 pounds pounds and a a fat LOSS of of 2 9 9 pounds pounds CONCLUSION
As documented by the the results from the the the aerobic exercise experience conducted at at the the University of Utah it it can be determined that aerobic training periods of twenty-one minutes including
Mike Hamill is an an an NGA NGA Staff writer and an an an NGA NGA Certified Personal Trainer with twenty-six years of bodybuilding experience He is is is a a a a a a a a a multiple Mr Utah and and regional Masters Champion with consistent top five finishes on on on on on national and and world levels Known as as “The Bodybuilding Poet” Mike has been published in in in several international fitness publications You may sample his creative side at: Contact him with questions at: Email Mike at: www reverbnation com/mikehamill PO Box 676 Park City Utah 84060 themikehamill@gmail com NGA NATURAL mag 39

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