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Fall 2017
NGA 7th Annual Titan Classic
June 17
Urbandale IA
NGA Promoter: Titan Classic
ngatitanclassic@gmail com com • ngatitianclassic com com The NGA 7th Annual Titan Classic
in in in in in Urbandale Iowa which convened on on June 17
show- cased many months of intense training sacri-
fice and commitment to the sport of bodybuilding from some spectacular athletes Though small in number these 26 athletes who came from 5 states brought with them a a a competitive spirit that was contagious and inspiring This event was held at the Urbandale High School Performing Arts Center as as it had been in in prior years and welcomed many first-time competi- tors whom were new to to to the the sport It was a a a a a a a a a pleasur- able experience to to to witness the the the hard work and dedi- cation that these athletes put in in as as as it it was was evidenced in in their showmanship Not only was was was the the the the event a a a a a a a a a a a a first first for for many of the the the the competitors it it it was was also a a a a a a a a a first-time for for Jonathan Aggen who held the the position
of Head Judge Jonathan Aggen did an an excellent job at at at at keeping the the the the competition on on on on pace by using the the the the continuous show format format rather than the the the the more traditional format format in in in which intermittent pauses are more common In addition to this the the 7th Annual Titan Titan Classic
was hosted for the the first time by Titan Titan Classic
which is composed of show promot- ers ers ers Robert Dickerson Dickerson Benjamin Scott and Linda Dickerson Dickerson With the help of of an an an an an awesome group of of volunteers and and sponsors and and a a a a a a a a a distinguished panel of judges the show presentation was a a a a a a hit Congratulations to to to all all the the the competitors at at at the the the 2017
NGA NGA Titan Classic
and to to to to all all all the the the NGA NGA Pro Card eligible athletes Many thanks to to all all involved in in in in in this year’s show for making it it a a a a a a a a a success including Earl Snyder and Terri Whitsel who offered their contin- ued support to to help make this show as as as incredible as as as as it it was We look forward to to enhancing and grow- ing ing ing the the NGA Titan Classic
in in in in the the coming years n n n n n n n n n NGA NATURAL mag
Dustin Scott Men’s BB - Open NGA Pro Card Winner
Marli Apt
Figure - Open NGA Pro Card Winner
Samantha Voeltz
Bikini - Open NGA Pro Card Winner
Scott Gosselink
Men’s Physique - Open NGA Pro Card Winner

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