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Fall 2017
Taking My Fitness Journey Up A Notch
After giving birth to to to my my son naturally at at at 39 years old I I decided to to to take my my fitness journey up a a a a a a a notch Although I I had committed to to eating healthy foods and exercising since the the age of 15 I was unhappy with the the loose stretched skin on on my my my stomach after giving birth The cellulite on on my my my thighs acquired from my my my sweet tooth and and bread ad- diction and and and the the lack of muscle definition due to to the the many years I spent only doing cardio and and aerobic exercising was was was also upsetting Despite all of my ef-
forts I I I I I wasn’t as as as as as healthy as as as as as I I I I I thought I I I I I was was was because my my body still did not look how I I I I I I wanted it to I I I I I I hadn’t worn shorts since my my college days and I I I I wouldn’t
be caught dead in in in in mini-skirts or or or bathing suits I I was ashamed at at at how my body looked yet many people couldn’t see this frustration because I was never overweight and had become quite skilled at at at at care- fully styling the the the clothes that I I I I I wore to hide the the the fat pockets I I I I I had In fact I I I I I hated my body and I I I I I knew it it was time for me me me to do something about it I remember my first day at at Lean Styles Proac- tive Weight Loss and Fitness Center in in in Cincinnati Ohio just like it it it was yesterday I scheduled a a a a a a a time to consult with Hank Merrick the gym owner and principal fitness trainer He had pictures taken of my body and told me me that he he he could help me me get the physique that I I desired if I I followed his fitness and nutrition plan Determined to to do anything to to build up up my my legs and and tighten my my abs I trusted his advice As difficult as as it was to give up up unhealthy carbs and and and sugary snacks I complied and and and gradually began los- ing ing excess fat and and building muscle After about one year of of following the fitness and nutrition plan of of my personal trainer I I decided to compete in in a a a a a a a a regional fitness fitness competition competition I I had no idea what fitness fitness competitions were prior to personal training I I was extremely nervous because I I I I I had to to show my my body especially my my legs to to the public I I I I doubted that I I I I could do do it but I I I I stepped on on stage at at at at at the 2014 Monster Mash Natural in in in in Cincinnati Ohio I I I placed in in in in in in every category that I I I I competed in in in in in in yet I I I I was still suffering from body shame issues and told my trainer that I I I would never do another show again We laugh about that that today because 3 figure competitions later I won
my NGA NGA Pro Card as as a a a a a a a a a a a Figure Master competitor at at at at the the the NGA NGA Cincinnati Natural in in in in April 2017
But more importantly I I won
the the the the fight against the the the the body sham- ing that that I I suffered from and defied the the the myth that that women over 40 even after child birth can’t achieve the the the the body of their dreams I am am the the the the physical testi- mony that they can n n n Lameesa Muhammad PhD NGA Pro Pro Master Figure Competitor is a a a a a a a a a a a a a personal trainer and sponsored athlete at at Lean Styles Proactive Weight Loss and and Fitness Center in in in Cincinnati Ohio She is the owner of of Flour Gurl HealthYer Treats & Delectables creator of of Sunday Body Blast and and model for Natural Woman Magazine Lameesa Muhammad is an an an educator social service professional and co-author of of two chapter publications Race Gender and and Single Parenting: Dismantling the “Invisible” Myth around Intellectual Black Black Female Scholars and and Navigating Inhibited Spaces: Black Black Female Scholars’ Re-articulation of Knowledge Production in in the the Academy and is currently working on on on on a a a a a a a a publication which will highlight the the unique plight of African American homeschoolers 40 NGA NATURAL mag

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