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Fall 2017
abdominal exercises may lead to lower back-pain and can even cause spinal damage The following suggestions are strongly advised in in in in order to opti- mize the effects of your your abdominal work-out and prevent injuries to your your lower back:
1 Keep your lower back rounded throughout the performance of abdominal exercises!
2 Exhale (breathe out) forcefully during each abdominal contraction!
3 When performing several abdominal exercises subsequently arrange them in in in in such order that the the most challenging move- ments ments (leg-raises etc ) are performed before any less challenging movements (sit-ups crunches) Also perform twisting abs-move- ments before straight ones 4 Perform abdominal-exercises with with a a a a a a larger range range of of motion motion before movements with with a a a a a a a shorter range range of of motion motion 5 Avoid leg leg raise-type exercises which require extending both legs straight forward simul- taneously while lying flat on on your your back this places undue strain on on your your lower spine 6 Don’t perform sets with very high num- bers of repetitions but rather increase the the resistance as as as as soon as as as as you can easily perform more than 15-20 correct repetitions per per set (use ankle-weights with leg raises increase the decline-angle during sit-ups ) 7
Perform sets of back-extensions alternating with your abdominal exercises to create bal- ance in in in these opposing muscle-groups However do not exclusively train your abs and back in in in isolation but remember to also include functional movements like deadlifts and push-ups in in in your work-out routine This will optimize core- strength even more generating a a a a a a a solid foundation for lifting heavier and staying safe during these essential lifts n n n NGA NATURAL mag 43

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