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Fall 2017
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Scott “Old Navy” Hults & Michael Jackson ngaoldnavyclassic@gmail com www ngaoldnavyproamclassic com Darryle Lee TNew NGA NGA NGA NGA Pros: Brandon Cobia Carson Jowers Shasta Brock Jared Lyvers Robert Zius NGA NGA NGA NGA Pro Pro BB - - - - - - Master Winner
July 8 2017
Birmingham AL
hirty-seven outstanding men men and and women ath- letes hailing from Georgia Florida Tennessee Mississippi Idaho Texas and Alabama con-
vened at the 2017
NGA 10th Annual ‘Old Navy’ They competed for sculptured award medallions and NGA Pro cards in in the following categories: natural bodybuilding figure physique bikini (super pro qualifiers) as as well as as the NGA 5th Annual ‘Old Navy’ Pro Master Bodybuilding Classic in in in Birmingham Alabama The athletes were full of excitement to to return to to Homewood High School for its 7th year while they
enjoyed its great stage stage sound system and and dramatic lighting pump up area and and back stage stage refresh- ments all while donning their 2017
NGA ‘Old Navy’ Classic sports bag with the the official 2017
show t-shirt and and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Snickers bar The contest start was was prompt and and ran its course in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a smooth fashion This was was clearly
a a a a a a a a a “competitor’s show ” that had been organized by former competitors who knew how how to to to support the the the athletes by providing them with their essentials Many of the the the the the competitors were were repeat contestants from the the the the the prior year year who said they
were were highly likely to return the the the the next year year for the the the the 2018 2018 NGA 11th Annual ‘Old Navy’ Natural Pro/Am Classic on June 30 2018 2018 There were also others who encouraged their com- petitor friends to to join them on stage This was an an an exciting and fun show with a a a a a a a a guaranteed promise to to to to make the the next one one to be be the the best one one yet 46 NGA NATURAL mag

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