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Training For success
I’ve heard it it it it said that that competitive greatness is the ability to bring and deliver your best when your best is is required It is is the point of
recognition of
that moment in time when all of
your training and preparation is is fully dis- played in its brightest form It is that insurmountable feeling of
standing behind the the curtain 100% focused on on on your your time sec- onds away from setting your your foot upon the the the stage and getting ready to to to display the the intensity of
a a a a a a a a a a year’s worth of
work that that you put in in in from head to to to toe with energy charisma and passion It is is that that moment Fitness has been my lifeblood for fifteen years I love the the passionate pursuit and and competitive outlet it it it it provides as as as as well as as as as the the physical and and mental challenge So it comes as as as no surprise that when I completed
my my bachelor’s degree in in in Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University in in in in in in in 2011 I continued my my com- mitment in in in in in in this field in in in in in in the arena of
personal training leadership and management for seven more years Not only have have I I committed myself to a a a a a a a a a a career in in in fitness I I have have have also competed in in in in six competitions since 2014 and have have been fortunate enough to take 1st place in in in four of
them The thing about bodybuilding is is it it dominates your life I I love that bunker mentality and and tunnel vision I I get during a a a a a a a a a a prep season Life shuts down and and it’s just you you your your meals the the next day of
training the the note taking and everything that is is necessary to to to bring your your body to to to its peak Each day is is broken down to to to the minute when when when and and and and what what you you you will will will eat when when when and and and and what what you you you will will will train and and and and and even when when when and and and and and how long you you you will will will sleep It is all timed and and and scheduled Take a a a a a a a a a a a a few mental snapshots of
the the the the grinding moments along the the the the way the the the the cardio sessions with no energy the the the the the pushing through lifts when you’re sick and the the late-night meal prep ses- sions it is a lot If you’re looking to to to get into the sport of
body- building you you must be willing to to to make many life- style sacrifices It is a a a a a a a a a daunting thought but in in in in in in the end to be be behind that that curtain seconds away from the the the stage and and all that that that you incurred along the the the way way including the the the mental energy that that each and and every moment consumed makes it it it worth it it it Now you take that to to the the the stage and and it it it all comes together the the the energy passion and and charisma become com- petitive greatness The principle that makes competitiveness great can be carried into anything you you want to to to do in in in in in in life If you’re willing to to to put in in in in in the the the hours make the the the sacrifices pursue all the the details each day with everything you you you you have and bring your your best best when your your your best best is required you you you you you can achieve anything So pursue your your passion and don’t be be afraid to go for it You might just create something incredible n n n Winter 2018

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