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Winter 2018 Winter 2018 September 23 2017 • Happy Valley PA Bikini Model Open
L-R: Ashley Shields (1st Place) Sela Sanchez
Classic Physique Open
Tai Yohanen Jonathan Millinder Luke Storey Scott Nishida Mike Heller
PRO Bikini Open
1st Place Crystal Woods
The 2017 NGA PRO/AM East Coast Natu- ral attracted athletes from all over the country including international com-
petitors that traveled from abroad just to to be able to participate in this magnificent event This masterful show jumped off with the top- notch physique o of Julia Hubbard hailing from Spain who was able to to to stay on top in in in in in order to to to win the the Pro Pro Figure Masters Masters class In the the Pro Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Masters Masters division Mark Howshall who has made steady improvements on on his body took 4th Bruce Glenney placed 3rd and last but not least the the very contentious battle of the the Masters between John Downey Downey and and Clint Clint Brackbill led to to to Downey Downey coming coming in in in in in in in 2nd and and Clint Clint coming coming out on top in in in in in in in 1st place to to to to gain the victory In the the Pro Pro Bikini class class it was these two very classy ladies Crystal Crystal Woods
and Maria Probasco who who rocked the the the stage yet it it was Crystal Crystal who who ended up taking home the the the title In the the the Pro Figure division Michelle Buggs showcased her her physique like no other and took the the 1st place place win with Julia Hubbard finishing in fin in in 2nd place place Scott Nishida who not only made made the the noise but but he he he also made made his his pro debut
by bringing home the the Pro Pro Physique title with his his hard work paying off The Pro Pro Men’s Bodybuilding was was the the the toughest class o of all hosting the the the tightest competitors but it it was was the the the hard and shredded Levi Burge that took 1st place place Clint Brackbill taking taking 2nd John Downey taking taking 3rd place place and Marc Howshall rounding this class out by placing 4th In In the the Bikini Masters class Julia Hubbard took home this highly coveted title In In the the Men’s Phy- sique Masters Karel Dejong a a a a a a a 1st place Bovine Podi- atrist hailing from the the Netherlands but but currently living in in in in in in Idaho took 1st place Making her her debut
and coming out victorious in in in in in the Figure Masters 14 NGA NATURAL mag NGA PRo/AM east Coast 

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