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Winter 2018 Winter 2018 Promoters: Earl Snyder & Terri Whitsel www ngaeastcoastnatural com
Bikini Open
L-R: Brittany McLaughlin (NGA Pro Card & Overall) Julia Hubbard (1st Open
Tall & Masters)
PRO Bikini Open
2nd Place Marla Probasco Women’s Physique Open
Tina Lardieri Brittany Martin Loria McMahon Jackie Mazzara Lisa Lanzendorfer
class class was Shaun Bartlow and Gary Haines winning the Men’s Bodybuilding Masters class class In the the the Bikini Open
Short class class it it was Brittany McLaughlin who not only won the the the class class and the the the Overall but she also earned an an NGA Pro Card In the the the Bikini Open
Tall class Julia Hubbard came in in in in again to to take another 1st place win In the the the the Figure Open
Short one of the the the toughest classes in in in this show it was Stephanie Rodriguez who captured
“the Gold” and earned her her NGA Pro Card In the the Figure Tall Jackie Mazzara not only won won her her her class but she also won won the the Overall to earn her her NGA Pro Card In the the the Classic Physique Open
an incredibly strong class Luke Storey was the the prevailing winner and and earned his his NGA NGA Pro Pro Card Card Scott Nishida came in second place and and also won his his NGA NGA Pro Pro Card Card One of of the the the most amazing features about this show is its ability to to draw the the the best best of of the the the best best when it it it it comes to to to Women’s Physique competitors In this class Lori McMahon brought her complete
package to take the the 1st place place win and the the Overall while Jackie Mazzara came in in in in at a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a strong 2nd place place These incredible ladies will meet again as they battle it out at at the the the the NGA Pro level By far the the the the biggest class in this show was the the the the Men’s Physique Open
Lightweight where Kyle Dibert conquered the the field to earn his NGA Pro Card Logan Martz nailed 1st place in the the the Middleweight division and George Grimes won the the the Heavyweight class the the the Overall and earned his NGA Pro Card George also took another win in in in in the the Transformation class The Bikini Models were stunning with Ashley Shields captur- ing ing ing ing the the the 1st place win and and all of the the the ladies looking as as amazing as as ever with their physiques and and cos- tumes In the the the Men’s Bodybuilding Open
class the the the competitors were Curt Zeigler Jonathan Millender and and Gary Gary Haines Haines all all going for the Overall and and NGA Pro Card yet it was was was Gary Gary Haines Haines that was was was crowned the champion This was was was an an an awesome show and as as as as as spectacular as as as ever We thank all of our competitors and and sponsors and and look forward to to another great show this year! n n n n NGA NATURAL mag 15
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