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Winter 2018
Try Yoga Reap the Rewards!
BY WENDY WEBBERLY WWW INYOURHOMEYOGA COM MATzAGIRL5@GMAIL COM There are experiences in life that that call on you you you to find a a a a a a a a a a strength strength that that you you you you never thought you you you you had had Maybe you you you you had had to to to call on insurmountable strength strength to to to bury your soulmate or or beloved parent to to to live in in in in a a a a a a a a a body plagued by unceasing pain or or perhaps you you lost the the ability to be mobile and indepen-
dent Whatever it it is these types of
trials have the the the potential to be the the the catalyst that will propel
you to elicit the the the hidden
potential of
the the human
spirit to to fight through
suffering as as well as as to to help you you keep your faith in that which is good and and compatible
with light and and love For
some it it is is yoga that that is is the lifeline that that that con-
nects to that that that power of
good that that is within Through the practice of
yoga space that is is within our inner
self is is is cleared of
all all the the unnecessary
debris that that did not allow for the the the tapping into the the the true nature of
our soul so so that that that we we can uncover who we we really are that that that is is is is hidden
beneath the burden of
life’s experiences It is is is is this clearing of
space that that that is is is is underneath the the story that that that we we project to to the the outside world and despite life situations that that that we we find our- selves fin in in in that that allows us to to to begin to to to touch base with who we truly are Rather than holding back the the practice of
yoga can infuse us us us with a a a a a a a a a a sense of
hope and propel
us us us forward into our life’s destiny Yogic philosophy teaches that all levels of
body and and mind are connected This includes musculo- skeletal the the breath and and the the emotional mental and spiritual aspects of
the the self Tragic events or any experience in crisis make the the the muscles tighten and can cause the the the breath to become chronically constricted The body remembers the the places we’ve we’ve held trauma and and loss and and even if we we we think we’ve we’ve released the the negative experiences that have been encountered the the the mind remains unstable due to these heart-rending memories Practicing yoga with attention to breath and and sensation can release the the body’s restrictions by tapping in in in and and work-
ing ing ing through
the the the negative emotional levels while concurrently allowing access to the the the truest nature of
the the self self This can be explained as coming back to to yourself Yogic practices can be gentle or vigorous and no matter the the course chosen the the effects are profound Yoga calms anxious states elevates depressed
moods and can generally allow for more effective coping practices regardless of
life’s challenges Yoga is is an act of
self-care which is is empowering If you are are considering practicing yoga and and incorporating it into your your life start slow and and and and begin on your your hands and and and knees A growing body of
research has indicated that yoga can immeasurably improve the lives of
people who’ve experienced trau- matic matic life events Researchers working
with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) sufferers have shown that yoga can improve heart- rate variability (a measure of
chronic stress and and PTSD) emotional regulation and and and pain This research is is powerful evidence of
the proven and and positive effects that yoga can can have in in your life life However real-life stories can can be even more compelling My story was featured in the the the Fall 2017 issue of
the the the NGA Natural mag as as I too like many others have experienced some of
life’s most grueling tribula- tions Let my story of
resilience courage and heal- ing inspire you you you to to to tackle your life’s challenges -
both small and and and large -
and and and propel
you you you to to to live a a a a a a a a a a life life with hope and and and faith even when times are tough n n n n n n Wendy Webberly is is is a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Certified 200-hour yoga teacher with Yoga Yoga Alliance and is is is also certified as as a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Vedic Thai Yoga Yoga Therapist She teaches Vinyasa Yoga Yoga Yoga Yin Yoga Yoga Yoga and and Kundalini Yoga Yoga Yoga at at at the Christine E Lynn Wellness Institute in in in in in Boca Raton Florida as as well as as private lessons Her healing hands and her her words of
inspiration is a a a a a service to all who come in-contact with her her 24 NGA NATURAL mag 

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