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Winter 2018
addiction got so bad I I even tried suicide Hope- less and alone I I I signed myself into my my last treat- ment facility in in in Pennsylvania (PA) I I I I was so sick that at at 6 ft ft ft 4 4 inches I I I I weighed 147 lbs After I I I I left rehab I I I remained in in in in PA
discovered fitness and and became addicted to staying healthy and and exer- cising Now weighing over 200 lbs three years sober and and eating clean I I decided to join the NGA and and and compete in in in in Men’s Physique I I I found my passion and and what I I love to do living sober one day at a a a a a time While in AA Lee and George met at a a a a a a a birth- day party for a a a a a a a a a a mutual friend They shared their their love of pool as as well as as their their compelling yet strikingly similar stories After living in in in in a a a a a sober house just down the the the the street from each other their circumstances allowed them to become room- mates best friends and and share the the same love for fitness and and and bodybuilding They continue to to support and and and confide in in in in in each each other other during tough times and and they they also remind each each other other daily on on on the the the the importance of why they they discontinued using drugs and alcohol L-R: Lee Meyers and George Grimes
Their common interest in in in in fitness encour- ages them them to to keep pushing and staying on on the the the the right path which led them them to to to have the the the the the the pleasure of competing together in in the the the the 2017 NGA North American Championships & Ed Cole PRO Classic at at the Woodlands Resort held in in Wilkes-Barre PA
It was at at this this show when this this incredible story of these best friends about recovery
and and success was discovered George placed second second in in in the the Men’s Men’s Physique Open class and and Lee placed second second in in in in the the the Men’s Men’s Bodybuilding Open class It seems fitting that their next show together may find them both crowned the the the the the win- ner ner After all they are already winners fin in in in life! n n n n n n n n L-R: George Grimes
and Lee Meyers L-R: Lee Meyers and George Grimes

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