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Timeline For success
Winter 2018
BY ANTHONY PEACE WWW RANGERNUTRITION COM ANTHONY R PEACE@GMAIL COM If you you you don’t clearly define your your goals and set them on a timeline they will never get accomplished Telling yourself “I’ll prob-
ably do a a bodybuilding show in in in the spring ” versus “I have a a bodybuilding show on April 23rd ” is is not the same One is is just a a thought while the the other is a a reality Simply giving yourself a a a a ballpark time frame to do some- thing doesn’t mean that it will actually ever get done or that you will achieve and maxi- mize your full potential This was the situation that I I I found myself in I I I used to be a a a a a a a a ballpark time frame type of of guy I I I would would often tell myself that I I would would bulk up for for a a a a a a a a a few months or or or start training for for a a a a a a a powerlifting meet but it it never happened Recently my excuse was “Well I’ll go and and watch that show and and then bulk a a a a a a a a little
bit so so I I I I I can do one next spring ” I I I I I guess I I I I I grew tired of never following through so so I I I I finally gave in in fin in in and committed myself to the deadline There was was a a a a a a show that I I was was interested in in in in com- peting in in in in in in so I I I I started to to follow all news commen- tary regarding it it it it I I I I decided that I I I I wanted to to be be in in in in it it it it because it it it it was was drug free which I I I I liked and it it it it was was 7 weeks away from when I I made the decision to to do it But even that didn’t startle me into action until I I finally paid the the registration fee That is is when it became real I I started counting down the the days dieting doing cardio and even began practicing my my posing I had never done anything like this in in in in in in my entire life As the the show got closer my body fat percentage dropped down to the the lowest it had ever been and my my arms grew an an an inch My bench numbers went up and and all of my my previous workout routines adjusted and and I began to lift heavier Almost two weeks from the the start start of of of the the competition on on on one of of of my my gym days some of of of my my friends started telling me me me how good I looked and that it was possible for me me me to to place in the top five When the the show finally came I I was was the the typi-
cal newbie Pre-Judging was was was a a a a a a a a a a a total disaster! I I I didn’t time my meals correctly and I I I I wasn’t even dark enough so I I I looked washed out on stage I I I didn’t glaze my body at at all and was was was nowhere near prepared for the the the “T-Walk ” That first show wasn’t the the the best but I I took what I I learned and made the the the adjustments to to to improve improve all all of my my faults So when it was time to to call out finals I improved my my posing and and color and and won 3rd place Today when I I take a a a a a a a a a a a step back and and look at at at everything that that that I I I I accomplished and and learned at at at at at that that that competition I I I I realize that that that that I I I I placed much higher than than 3rd place place I I I I learned more from that that experi- ence ence in in in in just one one day day of of competing than than I I had since day day one one of of touching a a a a a a a a a a a dumbbell The experience was was irreplaceable and and if it it it wasn’t for me me establish- ing ing a a a a a a a a timeline and and sticking to it it it none of it it it would have ever happened n n NGA NATURAL mag 39

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