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Winter 2018
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PRO Bikini Model Open Ashley Lane Noland Candace Hart (Trophy Girl)
Physique Open included Bryan Muth (light- weight) weight) and Chris Nelson (heavyweight) There was an an an impressive showing for Classic Phy- sique Open as as as well with Kyle Seibert and Ralph Dunniehigh both taking home NGA Pro Cards However this was none too soon for Ralph since he he had just flown in in in in from the Bronx New York to to compete in in in in in this outstanding show on on his his his his way to to celebrate his his his his wedding with his his his his new bride and ended up later hopping on on on a a a a a a a a plane to to Vegas to to continue the celebration of his his honeymoon and his win!
David Hammond stunned everyone by taking home not only an NGA Pro Card but also the the the Overall win in in in in the the the Bodybuilding Open! For the the the the Figure Master’s 35+ class Stephanie Mulvaney tore up the the the the stage again this year and and took home the the the Overall and and the the the NGA Pro Figure Masters Masters Card It was Carrie Catalano-Helton winning the Figure Figure Masters Masters Masters 40+ class which earned her an NGA Pro Figure Figure Masters Masters Masters Card Amber Lohf won the Bikini Bikini Masters Masters Masters 35+ class snatching her NGA Pro Bikini Bikini Masters Masters Card as as as as well In the the Bikini Open “A” class Cassidy Walters took the the the win with Amber Lohf coming back hard to to to snatch 1st place to to to take the the the Bikini Open “B” class class and the the the the Overall Overall Carrie Catalano-Hel- ton won the the the Figure Open “A” class class the the the Overall Overall and took home her NGA Pro Card The 2018
NGA NPC will be at Illinois Illinois Central College in in in in East Peoria Illinois Illinois Please go to the website for for more information: www nganpc com
Download the phone app to to register This year’s contest will host a a a a a a a new sponsor sponsor program designed to to to maximize the benefits for all of our sponsors sponsors Please go to to www nganpc com/sponsors if you are a a a a a a a a busi- ness owner or or or authorized representative and you you would like to develop a a a a a a a a a partnership that will enhance your business more than anyone else has ever done in in in the past! We look for- ward to to seeing you October 20 20 2018! n n n n PRO Men Bodybuilding Open L-R: Austin Kjergaard Terry Starks Ty Kroll Dan Serota Jay Johnson Classic Physique Open L-R: Ralph Dunniehigh Chris Nelson Richie Kincaid Josh Kelch Kyle Seibert NGA NATURAL mag

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