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Winter 2018
NGAPRO/AMNaturalPeoria October 28 2017 • Peoria Peoria IL
The 2017 NGA PRO/AM Natural Peoria Championships was like none other this year Featuring a a a brand-new division this year’s show got off to a a a a spooky start A while ago a a a a comment was made about the NGA’s Natural Peoria Championships being
a a “Halloween show” so it only seemed fitting to add a a a a Halloween class where competitors were able to to show off their great costumes and bodies at at the the same time by adding an element of fun to an an already outstanding show The Halloween class showcased the great physiques of Bryan Muth Regina Phalange Allyson Woith Stephanie Mulvaney Beth Oliva and Tamra Chris- tine Antenucci who brought with this new division an added level of scary excitement!
The Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Open lineup was once again stacked with awesome competitors who made for an an outstanding show In this class it it was Jay Johnson (1st) Austin Kjergaard (2nd) Terry Starks (3rd) Ty Kroll (4th) Dan Serota (5th) David Beall (6th) and Denzel “BlackSteel” Carter (7th) placing at each respective level In the the Pro Bikini Open class Ashley Lane Noland came away with with the the the 1st place place win win with with Heather Eggers following
in in in in 2nd 2nd place place place In the the Pro Figure Open class Erin Barr took took 2nd 2nd place place and and Carly Wendt made her Pro Figure Open debut and and took took home the 1st place win!
NGA Pro Card winners for the Men’s NGa Judges
L-R: Earl “The Pearl” Snyder Courtney Mighell Terri Whitsel Desiree Fletcher-Carruthers Jonathon W W Aggen Joy Smith Kimie Arnone Carla Richardson and John Abraham
Halloween Class L-R: Stephanie Mulvaney Julie Jacobs Regina Phalange Allyson Woith Ethan Skaar Bryan Muth Bikini Open “a”
L-R: Allyson Woith Julie Jacobs Cassidy Walters Jess Rogers Kimberly Smith 40 NGA NATURAL mag

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