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Winter 2018 Winter 2018 NGAPROWorld NGANatural November 4 2017 • Bloomfield NJ antonio Rizzi
Men’s BB Open
LHW NGa Pro Card & Overall
Tommy Do
Men’s BB Open
MW NGa Pro Card & 2nd Overall
Shkeera Campbell
Bikini Open
“a” NGa Pro Card By: Lorraine DePass
New Jersey’s last competition of of the the the 2017 season was a a a a rousing success and undoubtedly the the best of the the season The 2017 NGA PRO World Championships/ NGA Natural NJ State Open
was held at at at Bloomfield Middle School on November 4th and hailed competitors from as far south
as the state of Florida and extended even further across the the the globe to the the the European country of Italy The day started with the Pro Men’s Bodybuilding class which gave the judge’s some difficult choices to make Thankfully these professional athletes were up to to the the the challenge as they stepped up to to the the the plate in a a a a grueling comparison round However it was at the end of the the night that Clint Brackbill
proved to be the the best with his incredible symmetry and definition The Pro Bikini Open
class featured one of our new- est pros Tiffany Ensmann who shows great potential as as a a a a a hard to beat contender Nevertheless it was Crys- tal Wood who took first place with a a a a flawless perfect presentation coupled with her usual and impressive overall shape The NGA New Jersey competition continues to attract new competitors and this dynamic show was no exception The quality that was showcased by these fitness neophytes demonstrated the the level of 46 NGA NATURAL mag

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