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Winter 2018
BY GEORGE MARION HALL MHALL@SHRINENET ORG y name is Marion Hall and I have been an NGA Pro Bodybuilder since 2014 My bodybuilding journey began in in 1982
when I started training in in in the 8th grade with the high school football team Most of my early training occurred mainly in in in in high school weight rooms as commercial gyms were virtually non-existent Over time I gravitated towards working out in in a a a a makeshift gym that was actually a a a a a a a two-bedroom apartment that was above a a a neighborhood grocery store By the time I entered college gyms as we know them today steadily began to to pop up all around the country which made working out more accessible to the public In my 35 years of of of training experience in in in in the field of of of bodybuilding I I have have utilized different versions of of of gym equipment and and have have found some to be more effec- tive than others I I currently train in in three gyms and and enjoy new gym gym experiences because I I I I learn quite a a a a a a a a bit about equipment equipment I I I will highlight what I I I believe to to be be premiere equipment equipment when it it comes to to getting the the types of results on the the body that many people desire:
Yoke Yoke Bar: Over the the the past three years I have used the the the Yoke Yoke Bar Bar and it has virtually replaced the the the barbell back squats that I typically used when training my quadriceps There are several versions of these bars and when comparing it it to to barbell back squats in in in fin my opinion I find it it it to to be be easier on on on your shoulders and it it it also applies more direct focus on on on the quads Powerlifters have used this bar for for years but it it fit has many benefits for for bodybuilders as as as well One unique aspect about these bars is how the the the the hands rest on on the the the the handles in in front of you which allows for the the the the the core to get an an amazing workout along with with the the the the the quads with- out out stressing the the the the lower back or or or the the the the hamstrings Other effective uses of this bar are when performing good mornings and and standing calf raises 48 NGA NATURAL mag

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