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Winter 2018 Winter 2018 Championships NJStateOpen
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Dawud Rasul & alvis Vaughn
Men’s BB Grand Masters 60+
Clint Brackbill
PRO BB Winner
Estira Castillo
Bikini Open
“B” NGa Pro Card & Overall
dedication that each of them put into their contest preparation The bikini division is is no exception as it continues to thrive as more more and more more women enter each year year This year’s congratulations go to Shkeera Campbell
and Esira Castillon for their well-deserved NGA Pro Cards and for a a a job well done Another growing division in in this competition is is is the the Men’s Physique Open
class This year’s win goes to Nikia Grimes who has matured immensely as as an ath- lete as he he competed throughout the year and ended the season with an NGA Pro Card The Men’s Bodybuilding Masters class showcased two favorites 68-year-old Dawud Raul and 67-year- old Alvis Vaughn
These men are impressive for their energy and and mature muscularity and and are always a a a a a a a a source of inspiration to all
Though a a a a a close call it was Dawud’s night to win it all
The night finished with Men’s Bodybuilding Open
with Antonio Rizzi
from Italy winning the Overall
and his NGA Pro Card However the American Tommy Do
was was not allowed to leave the stage until he he was was sur- prised with an an NGA Pro Card as the American Overall
winner These gentlemen warmed up the stage with their smiles and made for a a a a a great way to end the the show NGA New Jersey would like to congratulate all
of the the 2017 NGA competitors for their hard work and also thank them for choosing the the National Gym Associa- tion We look forward to seeing you in in 2018! n n n n NGA NATURAL mag

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