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Winter 2018
Cambered Bar: This is is is another great piece of exer- cise equipment that is is is is is generally used more by pow- erlifters to improve strength My favorite use use use of this this bar bar is is is for shoulder shrugs Also this this bar bar can be be used in in a a a a a a a a a a power rack rack and simply has to be be be dragged up the the rack rack while your body is is is inside the the the the cambered portion This exercise completely works the the the the traps without the the the the forward roll of of the the the the shoulders that occurs with with regular barbell shrugs Another great use of of this bar bar is is to per- form prone rows Pullover Machine: In two of the gyms where I I workout workout this this great machine machine is is is an an excellent addition to any workout workout workout routine I generally use this this machine machine during back back workouts as as it it is is is is more of a a a a a a a a a a a a back back exercise and is is is also a a a a a a a a a a little easier on the shoulders than using dumbbells because it it it removes tricep involvement This move move can also be be be incorporated as as either the the the first or or or or the the the the last exercise when performing stretches to loosen the the body Donkey Calf Raise: In my opinion this is is is is is the the best exercise for calves calves because the the weight pressure is is is is is directly over your your calves calves Many gyms do not have this machine but it can be supplemented by having your your spouse girlfriend or training partner(s) to provide you you with resistance instead Old School Pec Deck Machine: This machine has arms pads that will allow you you you to to squeeze your your elbows together Talk about a a a a a a a a a a a contraction in in in in your your pecs! Plus this machine is is also effective in in in in in working the the the the rear pec pec deck laterals by letting the the the elbow pads rest on the the the triceps This machine is is primarily designed to to supply movement to to the the the shoulders rather than the the the arms Honorable Mentions: Other great pieces of workout equipment that that that I I have have discovered in the the the many gyms that that that I I have have have visited over over the the the years that that that have have have proven effectiveness include the the vertical leg press angled calf raise raise reverse hyperextension glute ham bench and tibia raise raise machine machine These machines in in in in in my opinion will surely get the results that you are looking for In closing innovative pieces of equipment are great however older models have also proven effec- tive so so so don’t bypass them for the the sake of experiencing something new new You are sure to find many hidden gems when building new new muscle n n n n n n n NGA NATURAL mag

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