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Winter 2018
NGA Steel Valley Classic
August 5 2017 • Warren OH Promoters: Rocky Taumoepeau & Roy Thomas www rockysfitness com
Jeff Peterson Kathleen Dickenson Kyle Bowsher McKenzie Stewart Monica Hvizdzak
Physique Physique Physique Open Open Open Open Open Figure Open Open Open Open Open Physique Physique Physique Open Open Open Open Open Bikini Open Open Open Open Open Physique Physique Physique Open Open Open Open Open TNGA Pro Pro Card Card & & Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall NGA NGA NGA NGA Pro Pro Card Card & & Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall Fit Fit Fit Model Model Model Mom Mom Mom Winner
he he he he he NGA 12th Annual Steel Valley Classic
show the the the the “Fit Model Mom” and took home “the
attracted athletes from across the the the north-
ern ern and the the the the southern regions The young- est of o the the the bodybuilders got this show off to an an amazing start when Jaxon Mims (7 years years old) old) and and Dayton Gorney (9 years years old) old) graced the the stage which immediately got the the the crowd stand- ing ing on their feet In Men’s Bodybuilding Open Marcus Cooper showed up and stood out as he he reminded the crowd of Lee Haney in in his his prime It was his his perfectly separated muscle groups and ripped body that earned him an an NGA Pro Card The women heated up the the stage in the the figure competition with Taylor Tofil and Kathleen Kathleen Dicken- son as as as as as the class winners However it it it was Kathleen Kathleen that took 1st place in in Figure Novice Novice Open as as as as as as well as as as as as as the Overall The Men’s Novice Novice and Classic
Physique Open dominated by a a a a a a a a a bronzed gladiator Jeff Peter- son who was the judge’s most impressive athlete also earned his NGA Pro Card Monica Hvizdzak
and and and and husband and and and and fellow competitor Paul Hvizdzak
travelled and and and and competed together in in this show in in classic form Monica as as she gracefully flexed her her sun kissed tan and stun- ning physique won the the Women’s Physique Division Monica also entered the the newest division to this Gold” there there too too After Monica’s incredible display all of you fit moms out there there need to to get ready for next year’s “Fit Model Mom” as as this division is is is sure to be one of the the fastest growing at the the NGA Steel Valley Classic
The The Men’s Physique Open division was the most hotly contested in in this this competition The The top five competitors in in this this class were Kal Lewis Doug Ludman Dalton Campana Kyle Kyle Bowsher Bowsher Charlie Ellis but it was newcomer Kyle Kyle Bowsher Bowsher who won the Men’s Physique Open Overall and an an NGA Pro Card Olivia Lopez McKenzie Steward Darlene Tammeleo and Courtney Ross showcased winning bikini bodies but it was McKenzie’s style grace and perfect body that won her honors as as the Bikini Open Overall Lastly a a a a a a a a special mention to “Most Inspirational Award” winner James Taneri who lost over 105 lbs to compete in in in the 12th Annual Steel Valley Clas- sic
ultimately reminded us all all all what fitness is really about Thank you to to all who came out and and supported this this competition and and we look forward to to two great shows coming up this this year the NGA 3rd Annual PRO/AM PRO/AM Rocky’s NEO Championships on on April 21 2018
in in Columbiana OH OH and the NGA PRO/AM PRO/AM Steel Valley Classic
on August 4 2018
in in Warren OH OH n n n n n n n 8

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