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Winter 2018
In my initial consult with new clients I I am gener- ally told the following:
• • I eat very well
• • • My diet is fine
• • I make great food choices
However when I question further it is is is easily discovered that this is is is is certainly not the the the case Some- times clients meet me me me me during their first consultation
40-80 pounds overweight feeling lethargic with low energy and they they are are still convinced that that poor nutrition is is not not the the the the the reason that that that they they they they are are are overweight overweight The reality is is that that not not not only are are are are they they they they overweight overweight overweight they they they they are are are overweight overweight because they they they they are are are not not making good nutritional food choices
and have no no idea what they they are putting into their their bodies that is sabotaging their their health and wellness Since so many of my clients have this issue I developed the the the following Basic
that can be used to support them in in in in achieving their health and fitness goals:
Eat Breakfast Everyday
It always amazes me how so many people people skip breakfast breakfast Studies indicate that people people who eat breakfast breakfast on on a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a consistent basis are significantly leaner than those who do not Breakfast limits the release of cortisol (a hormone that tells your body to to store fat) so so so eating it it it is is important Also don’t make it it it complicated Many of my clients have shared with me that that they they are are in in in such a a a a a a a a a a a rush in in in the the the mornings
that that that they they tend to to skip breakfast But if you you you want to to achieve the the the fitness goals that that you you you you set for yourself and have the the body of your your dreams fit it is imperative that you you make time to to eat breakfast It only takes a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a couple of of minutes to to prepare a a a a a a a a a a a a a a bowl of of oatmeal or blend a a a a a protein shake with added fruit Eat Every 2-3 Hours
Going without food for prolonged periods of time is is not a a a a a a a good idea I generally recommend eating 5-6 small meals per day
When you do this it helps to keep blood glucose levels in in in in in check along with aiding the body in in in in improving its overall meta- bolic rate Even if you’re not hungry and it it it has been at at at least three hours since your last meal eat some- thing even if it is a a a a a a a a protein shake or handful of mixed nuts Eat Lean Protein With Every Meal
Protein provides essential essential and non-essential amino acids which are the building blocks of of lean muscle Protein also takes longer periods of of of time to to digest which serves to to to give you a a a a a a a greater feeling of of satiety and helps to to relieve hunger pangs Addition- ally protein also has greater levels of of Thermic Effect of of Feeding (TEF) than carbohydrates or or or fats which means that more calories are being burned during digestion Eat Vegetables With Every Meal
Various vegetables provide antioxidants vitamins minerals and and fiber These micronutrients are essen- tial for for the the growth and and development of living organs so don’t forget to to add these to to your diet Food Preparation Is Key
One of the the most important things that I am constantly preaching to my clients is is the the importance of food preparation and and this I can’t express enough This must be a a a a a a a a a a a a a priority and and and although it it it takes time and and and discipline to prepare your meals meals in in in in advance it it it is is is essential that that you you you do Cooking and and preparing meals meals ahead of time time will ensure that that you you are eating the the right right foods at at at at the the the right right times and not scrambling at at at at the the last minute trying to figure it out In closing design your meals to include such items as fresh fresh fruit fresh fresh vegetables and and lean meats Also avoid processed foods eat eat frequently and and pre- pare your meals in advance as this will surely help you you to look feel and live more abundantly! n n n n n n BY JOSH MILLER BS NSCA CPT

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