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Spring-Summer 2018
a a a a a a a a a a variety of cancers increase antioxi- dants decrease decrease decrease decrease pain decrease decrease decrease decrease anxiety decrease decrease decrease decrease blood pressure decrease decrease decrease decrease cho- lesterol help symptoms of arthritis and increase nitric oxide which improves blood flow and “the pump” or
of of energy often felt during intense workout sessions Turmeric is not easily absorbed and only a a a a a a a a a small percentage of what is ingested actually gets into your system Black pepper can also be combined with turmeric and when done has been noted to significantly increase its absorption Effective Dose: 2-4 g daily
CaYENNE PEPPER (hot pepper) has has capsaicin which has has been shown to help burn fat decrease inflammation and fight against certain cancers Effec- tive tive Dose: Research has not confirmed the the most effective dose of cayenne required to to assist in in aiding the the body to to be be at its optimal level of function how- ever anywhere between 1-5g daily
has been shown to be be be be effective by simply adding a a a a a a liberal amount of cayenne pepper to your meals GaRLIC has been noted to improve improve cardiovascular health improve improve improve physical and and sexual vitality improve improve improve cognition and and to improve improve immune function (fight against infection) Effective Dose: 600-
1200mg daily
about 2-3 segments of a a a clove daily
Be sure to to to check out my video for ref- erences and to to to to learn how to to to to combine these potent little powerhouses into the the most intense glass of water you’ve ever seen by going to my YouTube channel at the following link:
https://www youtube com/ watch?v=kl0TxfEBS4w n Dr Nicholas M Licameli PT PT DPT
believes in in giving himself to to others to to make the the the world happier and healthier He gives people the the the power and and knowledge to to change their lives Bodybuilding and and physical therapy are a a a a a a a a a a a means to to carry out that cause His expertise of sport exercise biomechanics and and the practical application of research combined with personal experience in in in bodybuilding and and nutrition allows him to help people in truly unique ways ways Love Love Passion Respect Humility Never an expert Always a a a a a student Love Love your journey NGA NATURAL mag

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