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Spring-Summer 2018
If you you you you have ever heard the the term “fatty acid” and was immediately at at a a a a a a loss because you didn’t know what it was and why
your body needs it then you you are not alone Fatty acids typically referred to yet rarely explained are of varying types naturally occurring needed by the body in in order to live a a a a a a long and and healthy life and and can also make you look good Many bodybuilders often neglect adding fatty acids during their meal prep which causes their cognitive abili- ties to function at lowered levels and this also contributes to the appearance of tired looking physiques Fatty acids are important for all all systems of the body to to to function normally including your skin respi- ratory system system circulatory system system brain and organs For bodybuilders these fats help the the growth of muscle tissue and inflammation There are are two fatty fatty acids acids termed essential fatty fatty acids acids that your body can not produce and and these are are the the the omega-3 fatty fatty acid acid acid and and omega-6 fatty fatty acid acid acid Both of these are important for brain development a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a healthy immune system and favorable blood pressure levels Research on the the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acid have shown that adding them to your diet may
Fatty Acids
help to alleviate the following health conditions:
• • Diabetes
• • • Arthritis
• • Osteoporosis
• • Skin Disorders
• • • High Cholesterol
• • Digestive Difficulties
Omega-6 fatty fatty acid acid combined with omega-3 fatty fatty acid acid produces many great benefits but the most important point to to keep keep in in in mind is to to keep keep consump- tion levels at at the proper amount The body requires about twice as many omega-6 omega-6 fatty acids than ome- ga-3’s which makes the the omega-6 omega-6 to to omega-3 ratio con- sumption level at at at at at 2:1 A great way to to to ensure that the the the body is is is getting the the the right amounts is is is to to to incorporate an an omega supplement that is is is balanced into the the diet The best food sources rich in in omega-6 are are seeds nuts and and grains and and dark green veggies Care should be be taken to use raw cold pressed vegetable oils as cooking destroys the the benefits of the the fatty acids acids Fatty acids acids also play a a a a a a a a a a a a a role in in in in promoting heart health health by supporting healthy and balanced cholesterol levels while improving immune health health Research has con- firmed that most olive olive oil oil on on the U S food market is genetically modified and and not olive olive oil oil at at all all so making informed decisions by researching manufacturer and and product information is is is important Macadamia nut oil is is a a a a a a a a a a a a a great alternative when in in doubt and will provide the body with exactly what it it needs Ensuring that your body gets the the proper amounts of healthy fats could be be the the difference between hav- ing ing ing a a a a a a a a a a a strong looking looking body or a a a a a a a a a a a tired and weak looking looking physique As natural athletes we we focus on on on health health first so don’t skip the healthy fats Your body needs it! n n n n n 

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