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Spring-Summer 2018
NGA 78th Annual Cincinnati Natural
April 7 2018
Middleton OH
Rick & Maureen Ruether
www bodsquad us rickruether@gmail com andrew Plumlee
BB Open LHW Overall
Jennifer Thurman
Bikini Open Overall
Lindsay Woehrmyer
Figure Open NGA PRO Card & Overall
Nolan Henderson
Classic Physique Physique & & Physique Physique Open 2 NGA PRO Cards & & Overall
(pictured with his daughter)
On April 7 2018
outstanding athletes from all over the the nation descended upon the the beautifully remodeled Dave Finkelman
Theater on the campus of Miami University in Mid- dletown Ohio for the NGA 78th Annual Cincinnati Natural
This was a a a a a a show that everyone in attend- ance will remember There were six incredible athletes that earned their NGA PRO Cards at at at this phenomenal competition The finals started with a a a a a a standing ovation for the Bodybuilding Open Light Heavyweight winner Overall
champion and new NGA Pro Andrew Plumlee
By the looks of of his his his well-chiseled physique it it was obvious that Andre never lost focus of of his his his his goals and we we are are excited to see where he he will take his his bodybuilding career NGA PRO cards are not just for open competitors competitors but long-time competitors competitors whom have stayed the the course and put in the the the the work are also eligible to to receive them This was the the the case for Michael Michael Hisle who can now add NGA PRO Masters Masters to his his list of accolades Michael Michael also won the Open Middleweight Masters Masters Masters Masters Over Over Over 40 Masters Masters Masters Over Over 50 and Masters Masters Masters Overall
Next up was the Classic Physique Open division where Nolan Henderson
won his 1st NGA NGA PRO PRO Card Card of the night He He went on on on on to to earn an an NGA NGA PRO PRO Card Card in in Physique as well However this paled in in comparison to to the cheers he he he he received from his his his his daughter his his his his biggest supporter after he he he he he proposed to his his his his girlfriend on stage Nolan truly hit the trifecta this night!
One of of the the the tightest competitions of of the the the night was in in in in the the the the Figure division The competitors were extraor- dinary but in in in in in the the end it it was Lindsay Woehrmyer
who took 1st place in in in in in Open and and and Novice and and and later went on to to win the Overall
title and and and and earn an an an an an NGA PRO Card The Figure Masters competition was also stiff and and and Jennifer Miller took the the lead there and and earned her her NGA PRO Card as well Last but not least and still a a a a a a a a a crowd favorite was was the the Bikini division In this category it it was was none other than Jennifer Thurman
who won that decisive victory This show was unforgettable and we look forward to to to hosting another top-notch competition the the NGA 21st Annual Monster Mash Natural
coming October 27 2018! n n n NGA NATURALmag

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