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Spring-Summer 2018
Motivated and Focused
How committed are you? Studies show that 50% of those who join gyms begin personal training or implement some
sort of workout regimen will quit after the first month Another 75% of those remain- ing will drop out after 6 months By the end of of the year only 10% of of those who initially made the New Year’s resolution to be more fit and healthier will still be hitting the gym or or or engaged in some
form of a a workout rou- tine on a a a a regular basis Many of those who make the decision to to stop training have done so because they have become bored and unmotivated This raises the the question what are the the 10% that have stayed committed doing that the the other 90% are not doing? Here are some
tips that may help build motiva- tion and focus for those who not only want to become more fit and and healthy but will stay the course and and do fit it 1 Get a a a Workout Partner I recommend choosing a a a workout partner who will help you get the most out out of your workout by encouraging you you to stay committed to your goals Avoid workout partners who will serve as a a a a a distraction or get in the way This can be quite tricky because it may be be difficult to find a a a a partner who shares your fitness goals but they’re out there The right partner will incite you you to push yourself and moti- vate you to stay the course A good workout partner is not going to let you you quit or or or shortcut your workout routine and will make sure that you get those last few reps in Most importantly on days that you do not feel like going to the the gym they will not let you skip!
2 Schedule Your Workout The benefit of this is is that it it helps you you balance your workouts with other daily activities such as family work or or school and reduces the likelihood of missing your workout ses- sion If you you put it on on your schedule to do then there is a a a a greater chance that it will get done 3 Morning Workouts Early morning workouts will allow you to workout with minimal distractions Generally phone calls are reduced during this time and there are typically no work meetings or or any other activities taking place Also at this point in in in the the day the the world is is still asleep and this will allow you to put the time energy focus and attention into your workout 4 Go to to The Gym Tell yourself to to just get the first exercise in in Chances are that after the first 10-15 min- utes you will begin to feel energized and motivated and want to to stay to to finish your entire routine Working the muscles releases endorphins that allow you to feel good and this will inspire you to keep going 5 Change It Up Becoming bored from doing the same routine will zap motivation and drive Doing the the same routine over over and over over will leave even the the most die-hard fitness enthusiasts bored Changing your workout routine every month or or so will not only keep your workout fresh but will also help to prevent boredom 6 Monitor Your Progress A training journal can be a a a a useful tool that may serve to to keep you motivated by keeping a a record of of your progress This type of of log may help you you to make the changes that you you need and will keep you inspired and motivated Periodically looking back in your journal will help you you to take notice of the progress that you you have made towards achieving your fitness goals 7 Get Back on Track Missing a a a workout is is not that big a a a a a deal But for many people one day off becomes becomes two two days off two two becomes becomes three and before long working out will be virtually non-existent and a a a memory of the the past However the the sooner you recover and get back on on track the sooner you will also reach your fitness fitness goals Health and fitness fitness is not about being perfect rather it’s a a a a way of life that you commit to and keep going It is essential that you you find what motivates you you and keeps you going It is different for everyone Stay
focused yes even on the the difficult days Use the the steps listed above to to to create the accountability to to to stick to to to it it and stay focused! Everyday is not going to be easy but you can totally do this! n n NGA NATURALmag

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