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Spring-Summer 2018
by using a a a a a a five-day split in in which one body part
per day day day is scheduled For example Monday could
be be biceps and forearms while the back could
be be worked on Thursday Using this split system would allow ample rest between the the primary workday workday Monday and the the secondary workday workday Thursday It would also allow enough recovery time between secondary and primary workdays Another great way to work work the the forearm would be by using a a a a a a a a a three on on and one off double split schedule This could
work work by scheduling your back workout in in in the morn- ing ing of of day day one one while biceps and forearms would would be scheduled in in the afternoon of of day day one one This would would allow for a a a a 72-hour recovery time between workouts Additionally blasting the the the biceps and pre-fatigu- ing ing ing ing the the the forearms by utilizing the the the following routine will produce tremendous results This routine is is sure to work all all areas of of the fore- arms and covers all all of of its movement responsibilities By following this split system program definition vascularity and size of the forearms will impressively match all that upper arm arm work you’ve been doing An added bonus will be be the illusion of increased upper arm mass So move over Popeye! n n n n n the the rest of the the body Once this has been determined and and understood a a a a a a workout schedule targeting specific points and and times the forearm should be exercised are important to maintain Forearms are the main component found in in in all gripping movements i i i i i i i i e e e e e e e e e e e e e e curls rows pull downs etc Due to to to this over-exercising the forearms to to to a a a a point of fatigue will limit your ability to to to to perform gripping exercises exercises to to the full potential Forearm work work is is is is is present in in all bicep exercises exercises as a a a a a a a result it is is is is important not to overwork this body part
by working the the the the biceps one day and the the the the forearms the the the the next as this would lead to over training With the the the the forearms being a a a a a a a a a relatively small muscle group it it it is is not necessary to work them multiple times within a a a a a a a week So what do do we we do?
Forearms assist in in bicep exercises which means that that they will always be worked when exercising the the the biceps Having established that that the the the the forearm assists in in in bicep bicep bicep work work which is is is the the the primary muscle group the the the biceps should be worked first Depending upon your your workout schedule schedule and the the kind of split system you you you are using set aside a a a a a a a a day within your your schedule schedule to exercise the forearms accordingly Some ways in in in in which this can be be accomplished could
be be achieved
Mike Mike Hamill has has twenty-six years of bodybuilding experience is is is is a a a a a a a a a a a a a a multiple Mr Utah and and regional Masters Champion with consistent top five finishes on on on on on on on on national national and and world levels Known as as as as “The Bodybuilding Poet” Mike Mike has has been published in fin in in in several international fitness publications You may sample his creative side at: www reverbnation com/mikehamill

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