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Spring-Summer 2018
In recent years there has been several articles published suggesting that directly working the forearm in in a a workout rou-
tine is is is unnecessary The reason for this is is is because it is believed that when the biceps are are worked so are are the forearms but that is not the case This same logic can be used
to justify not directly working out the calf muscles because most people walk daily however anyone who has made a a a a com- mitment to fitness knows that makes no no sense as the calf muscle needs to be tar- geted directly in order to get get its maximum development The “no work” theory is becoming more common in in in many many gyms and at at all levels of natural competi- tions In many many instances with bodybuilders the biceps and and triceps will will display flawless separation and and definition yet the forearms will will be be as as smooth as as a a a a a a a a a baby’s behind The forearm forearm is is is a a a a a a a a a distinct muscle group unto itself and is is is is indirectly working dur-
ing ing ing bicep bicep exercises exercises much the same way biceps work work indirectly during back exercises exercises However you wouldn’t dream of not doing bicep work work work just because because they work work during back back exercises exercises nor would would you dream of not doing doing back back back exercises exercises just because because the the back back is is worked indirectly from doing doing legwork Therefore working out the the forearm should be no different So the the the the next question is “when should I work the the the the forearms?” First understanding the the the the the function of the the the the the forearm forearm is important and and how they interact with 24 NGA NATURALmag

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