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Spring-Summer 2018
NGA PRo/AM Heart of America
JT Natural Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
May 5 2018
Peoria IL
Promoters: John Abraham & Brad schupp www HoaNaturalClassic com
jjabraham1@yahoo com
The The 2018
NGA PRO/AM Heart of of America
Natural Classic was one of our biggest and best shows ever The The rock concert
sound spectacular lighting sixteen vendor booths and the special guest appearance by Guinness Book of World Record Holder for the World’s Oldest Natural Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd made this event a a night to remember Electricity filled the air at this magnifying event where over 10 NGA PRO Cards were awarded and the competition was fierce In Men’s Men’s Teen Bodybuilding Robert Walston took the the class and the the 1st place trophy Men’s Men’s Bodybuild- ing was dominated by 6 feet 8
inches tall Warren
Skoza Skoza Skoza Skoza went on on to take 1st place in in the the Debut as as well as as in in the the Open Heavyweight division This year there was was a a a a a a a a much smaller Bodybuilding Master class but it it was was well represented with heav- ily muscled Rich Horn taking 1st 1st in in the 40+ category A much improved and and and ripped Rusty Batty took 1st 1st in the the the 50 and and and over class and and and the the the ageless wonder Ron Mango won won the the the the Masters 60+ division But it was none other than Jose Velazquez who domi- nated Men’s PRO Bodybuilding and won the the top score from every judge Bikini Debut brought some of the the best competi- tion tion ever with over ten ladies in in in the the class Paulina Kolanko came conditioned and and ready as as as she took the the class and and and wowed the the judges while Penny Li Juan (Coats) pressed hard and and and took 2nd place Kolanko went on to to have an an an an incredible evening and and walked away winning in in in in in in several classes as as as well as as as earning

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