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Spring-Summer 2018
an NGA PRO Card Bikini Novice classes were also stacked with some of the best competitors that natural bodybuilding has ever seen It was Penny Li Juan (Coats) winning 1st 1st in in in in in in in Short Pauline Kolanko taking 1st 1st 1st place in in in in in in in in in Medium and Rachael Shangraw coming in in in in in in in in in 1st 1st for Tall Once again it was Kolanko taking the the Overall in in in in in in in in in Bikini Bikini Bikini Bikini Masters showcased incredibly conditioned women in in in in in in the the likes of Teri Galbraith who earned her NGA PRO Card while dominating the the the judge’s score cards and receiving the the the top numbers across the the the board Bikini Master’s 50+ had two outstanding com- petitors with Carol Milkins taking the 1st place win The PRO Bikini division was was heavily contested by two petite dynamos yet it it was was Maria Bearson who squeaked by Sara Burroughs and took took the 1st 1st place win In Bikini Open Chantal Guerroro took took 1st 1st place place for Short and and earned her NGA PRO Card Jen- nifer Martin won 1st place place in in in Bikini Medium and and an an an NGA PRO Card and Kolanko Kolanko took the win for Bikini Open Tall by edging out Alma Metz Kolanko Kolanko also walked away with the Overall Dian Covington was the Women’s Physique Physique Open and Master winner The The Teen Physique Physique Physique 1st place win win went to to Lathan Carter The The Physique Physique Debut class competition proved to to to be magnificent for Manu Edakara as as as as he he took 1st 1st place in Physique Novice and Open Open Light Jason Carwile was the 1st 1st place winner for Physique Physique Open Open Open Middleweight The Physique Physique Open Open Heavyweight win win went to Jameson Jameson Hole who came gunning for his NGA PRO Card Jameson Jameson was not disappointed as as he he took the Open Heavy Overall and earned his NGA PRO Card The Figure Figure classes were stacked tight with Kayla Wehnes taking the 1st place win in in in Figure Figure Figure Debut and Novice Novice Tall classes Figure Figure Novice Novice Short went Ernestine Shepherd Guest Personality 81 years Old Sarah Skinner
Figure Open Middleweight NGA PRO Card & Overall Jose Velazquez PRO Men’s BB Open Winner

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