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Spring-Summer 2018
Deirdre Smith
Bikini Model winner
Jameson Hole
Men’s Physique Overall NGA PRO Card
to Shelby Holloran while the the Figure Figure Novice Medium winner
was Sarah Skinner who also won the the Figure Figure Figure Novice Overall Figure Figure Masters showcased seven dazzling competitors but it it was once again Kayla Wehnes winning 1st place and earning her NGA PRO Card
The Figure Figure Open classes were dominated by Sarah Skinner who won the Figure Figure Medium and Overall which earned her an an NGA PRO PRO Card
The PRO PRO Figure division was also very competitive with the the first-place cash purse going to Marli Apt
in in a a a a a a a battle of the the fiercest with Ariel Mieredorf The Bikini Model class class delighted the crowd with great eye-catching costumes This class class was won by the lovely Deirdre Smith
The Transformation category highlighted seven dynamic ladies who all shared their incredible journeys but it was Erica Atherton who took home the the the 1st place win Lathan Carter
Teen Physique winner
The Classic Classic Physique Physique Novice went to Brennen Kinsman Winning the Classic Classic Physique Physique Open class and an an an an NGA PRO Card
went to Daniel Kennedy who also also won the Open Open Bodybuilding Open Open Light Heavyweight and Overall Michael Ganrude also also won his NGA PRO Card
by placing second in in the Classic Classic Physique Physique Open class class The Classic Classic Physique Physique Master class class was won by Jason Carwile Custom Fitness Specialist and coach Lisa Feran of Madison Wisconsin brought ten incredible athletes who won in in in in multiple classes which helped them to win the the team trophy Next year’s show is sure to to impress with many more more amazing competitors who work tirelessly We look forward to to seeing them and many more more in in in May of 2019 n 38 NGA NATURALmag

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