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Spring-Summer 2018
The Polygraph Test: Does it really work?
Most people are acquainted with the inner sensations and physical symp-
toms that that often accompany telling a a a a a a a a a a a a based on on on on how how they feel whether it it be guilty after
lie This can be characterized by an an increase in the the rate of of the the heartbeat a a a a rush of of blood to to the face an uncontrollable impulse to to swallow or other such signs resulting from the the the fear of the the the possibility that the the the lie will
having committed an offense or or or morally due to their cultural upbringing or or or social background It is the the the the fear of detection that causes the the the the physiologi- cal changes the the the the polygraph instrument records and that the the the examiner interprets Some misconceptions revolving around these physiological changes has led some to believe that hardened criminals socio- paths psychopathic liars and and other social deviants and and misfits can “beat” the the the polygraph because they are are conditioned to operate void of of feelings of of guilt be detected In the process of undergoing
a a a polygraph test these types of indica-
tors are are are the the the central focus of the the the polygraph even when they are are are wrong examiner The polygraph is a a a a a scientific diagnostic instru- ment used to measure the physiological response of a a a a a a a a person under controlled conditions and is based on on on on on the the theory that when telling a a a a a a lie a a a a a a A polygraph countermeasure is any intentional attempt method or action taken by the the person to influence the the outcome of a a a a a a a a a a a a a polygraph examination The intentional act can be physical mental nar- cotic or a a a a a a a a combination of these three possibilities person will
respond physiologically because of of the the fear of of detection Many people are under the the the belief that how how a a a a a a a a person responds on on on on on the the the the polygraph is 46 NGA NATURALmag

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