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Spring-Summer 2018
NGA PRo/AM Garden state Classic
May 12 2018
Bloomfield NJ
Pete Diaz & Sam Kapoor
www njnationalgym com gardenstateclassic@yahoo com By Dr Lorraine Francis DePass
For three memorable months when I I was in in my 20’s I I lived in in the small town of of Ruston Louisiana One of of the most notable signs of southern hospitality that I was shown while living there often occurred every time I left a a store This was the the moment when the the shopkeeper would cry out “Y’all come back now!” What a a a a con- trast this was compared to the suspicious smirks of the shopkeepers I knew back in New York City As I judged the the the 2018
NGA PRO/AM Garden State Classic
in in in in in Bloomfield New Jersey the the the southern shopkeeper’s refrain kept ringing in in in in in my ear The quality of muscle and potential seen on stage made me me anxiously hope that these competitors would “come back now” and and grace the the NGA stage again and and sometime soon In the the Men’s Physique First Timers Addison Jarvis took the the top spot and later went on on to to to win 1st place in in in Men’s Physique Open Heavyweight while snag- ging an NGA PRO Card his his first time out out Be sure
to to to be be be on on on the lookout for Addison as he he hones his his skills to to to become an even better competitor with increased stage time For Most Improved Posing it was Christhian Sanabria taking 1st place in in in Men’s Physique Open Lightweight It was quite evident that he he he did his homework since the the last show by making the the nec- essary improvements and it paid off First Timer’s Bodybuilding went to Miguel Gonzalez who not only had great balance but also impressed the the the audience the the the first time that he he he he he hit the the the stage The 2nd place position went went to to to Ilya Vyalsky who went went on on to to to win the the top spot in in in the the Bodybuild- ing Novice class Ilya showcased a a a a a a a well-built pack- age and with more more time under the the lights he he he is sure
to wow the the audience even more more (Centered)
Pete Diaz and Sam Kapoor
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