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Spring-Summer 2018
As an expert polygraphist with 35+ years of experience I am always consciously looking for the warning signs of deception A person caught attempting any countermeasure automatically disqualifies them them from passing the the the test and classi- fies fies them them as deceptive For the the past 14 years I have performed poly- graph testing for for the the the NGA and worked very closely with the the the President Andy Bostinto It is our personal opinion that the the the only way to to deter- mine whether or or not an athlete has been drug free for a a a a a a a a period of seven (7) years is to pass a a a a a a a a polygraph test WADA (World Anti-Doping Admin- istration) gets hundreds of false positives every year so great care must be taken to to ensure the the accuracy of the the the results In order to to make certain that the the the athlete has actually taken performance- enhancing chemicals the the laboratory performs an an an isotope isotope radio test test This test test measures the number of carbon-13 isotopes which is is is is a a a a a a a a rarely occurring hormone After the the athlete has failed the the first two urine tests a a a a a higher number of of carbon-13 isotopes confirm the the the presence of of synthetic testosterone Most steroid drug tests are expensive but the the the the price depends on the the the type of test test administered In high schools the the the cost cost ranges from $50 to $150 per unit not including the the the cost cost of of collecting and and handling the the samples This type of of of test captures recent use of of steroids which would only be good from 14 to 24 days Polygraph tests when administered correctly are one way to detect deception and this is is is espe- cially important in in in in in the the world of natural bodybuild- ing in in in in in order to to determine those who put in in in in in the the the work to to get their results drug-free n n n n NGA NATURALmag
R Kelly Vaughan: National Training Center of Polygraph Polygraph Science (New York City) graduated in in in in 1982 certified as an an Expert Polygraphist in in in in 1983 by the Academy Academy of of Certified Polygraphist FBI National Academy Academy completed an an Advanced Polygraph Polygraph Course in in 1992 Retired Captain of of the the Martin County Sheriff’s Office 1975 2009 2009 From 2009 2009 to the the present I have been in in in Private Practice as an Expert Polygraph Examiner

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