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Dawud Rahul the the oldest competitor in in in this show competed in in in in the the the Bodybuilding Masters 60+ division at 68 years old old where he he he he he took the the the top spot by win- ning ning the the Masters Overall against 56-year-old Rich- ard Mongolia Sr Later that evening Dawud went on on to to win the Men’s Bodybuilding Open Middle- weight class against competitors decades younger and even walked away with an an an an NGA PRO Open award All can agree that Dawud a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a constant source of inspiration during these competitions is always prepared for battle and and demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship Figure Figure First Timer and Figure Figure Open Tall was won by by Ashley Ashley Kreig Ashley’s tiny waist makes for an an impressive taper which is is is only magnified by by her increased display of confidence when she hits the stage Among the the female competitors the the night belonged to to Elizabeth Petrosino who won in in in in Bikini Bikini Masters Bikini Bikini Open Short the Overall and and was awarded an an an an an NGA PRO Card Elizabeth’s standout body is hand-made for Bikini Bikini and and and she will do do well in in in future competitions with other NGA PRO Bikini Bikini athletes Figure Open Short and Overall was swept away by cross-divisional champ Mackenzie Miller who took an an NGA PRO Card home on on this fantastic night Men’s Bodybuilding Open Lightweight and and Over- all champ Albert Shao was a a a a a a a welcome and and worthy
Spring-Summer 2018
addition to the the NGA PRO ranks this unforgettable night He brought smiles from the the audience as as he he he was seemingly refusing to to accept accept his his his trophy until his his his wife stood by his his his side so that she could accept accept it it with him him We look forward to to seeing him him do battle alongside the the best of the the NGA!
We would like to congratulate all all all of our winners and and and all all all those who competed and and and hope “y’all come back” for another outstanding show next year n n n n n n n Addison Jarvis Physique Open HW NGA PRO Card & Overall Albert Shao BB Open LW
NGA PRO Card & Overall NGA NATURALmag
Patrick Charles
BB Open HW winner Albert Shao BB Open LW
NGA PRO Card & Overall Dawud Rasul
BB Open MW NGA PRO Card Elizabeth Petrosino Bikini Open Short NGA PRO Card & Overall 

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