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Spring-Summer 2018
WHY YOU YOU NEED TO TRaIN YOUR LEGS Desi Brown Oscar Cruz Richard Scotchman
CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AT WWW PETERSPRINCIPLES COM OPERATING PARTNER AT AT CLEAN PLANET FOODS PETER@PETERSPRINCIPLES COM Leg day is is is the the the easiest session to to to skip in in the the gym It is is tough—there is is no doubt about that--and it can be tempting to voluntarily forget your leg workouts and replace it it with an easier training
session or just miss the the gym altogether Most people prefer to focus on the more visible muscles like the arms abs shoulders or chest but although these muscles are more visible to the public leg training
has many benefits that go well beyond aesthetics No matter how big your your your upper body is failing
to train your your your legs legs will stunt the potential for your your your overall body development Having legs legs that are not well developed will make your physique look ununiformed odd out of of proportion with the rest of of your body and also quite ridiculous I I remember once being called chicken legs by a a a a a a a a a a man man whom I I considered as a a a a a a a a a second dad my Brooklyn manager Dr Julie Levine the the owner of R & J J Health studio Those words stung because it hurt but they also became rocket fuel that I I used to to to propel me me me to to to do something about it I I I was motivated to to to prove him wrong which I I later did thank God 56 NGA NATURALmag

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