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Spring-Summer 2018
In bodybuilding contests judges don’t look look at at at muscle mass in in in one isolated area they look look at at at the the total package This includes proportion and sym- metry criteria so if your legs are lacking in in in in devel- opment you you you won’t get very far in in in in in in the bodybuild- ing ing game Even if you’re you’re not interested in in in in in compet- ing ing ing small legs don’t look good when you’re you’re at the beach or or just strutting your your your stuff in in in shorts As you you you you you age your your your legs become your your your best friend They help you you you get out out of of a a a a a a a a chair a a a a a a a a car and even out out of of a a a a a a a a bath tub So keeping those legs fit by exercising them is important for everyday use In sport and athletic performance working
out your legs is vital According to a a a a a a a a a a a a 2013 study a a a a a a a a a a a a heavier squat dead lift and power clean has the the potential to to translate to to running faster on on the the the sports field or or jumping higher on on the the basketball court Even as as it fit pertains to endurance athletes can benefit from stronger legs legs because when they are well-conditioned your legs legs will carry you you you for longer periods of time or or even when you you you most need them to While developing and training
your your legs you you you will will also build strong knee hip and and and ankle joints and and this will will help to reduce your your risk of injury Do you you you think think that you you you need cardio workouts to burn fat? Well think think again! By training
your legs particularly with multi-joint compound exercises you you can burn a a a a a a a a higher number of calories than
if you you were training
upper-body parts through exercises like biceps curls or lateral raises Con- sistently training
your legs leads to increased
fat loss caused partially by a a a a a a a a a a a chemical release of hormones that that occurs during the leg leg workout The leg leg muscles are so large that that this hormonal response can even assist in in in building upper-body muscle mass Weight-bearing exercises and resistance training
are crucial components in in in in the prevention and and management of osteoporosis and and arthritis so if if you’re using weight training
purely to keep bones and joints healthy later in in in in in life do front squats stiff-legged dead lifts calf raises leg leg leg presses and any other challenging leg leg leg moves
that suit your fancy Also use caution during leg leg training
if you’ve been diagnosed with a a a a a a a a bone or or joint condition In order to to manage your your condi- tion tion effectively consult with your your doctor and a a a a a a a a fully qualified trainer before starting a a a a a a a a a routine But no matter what you you do do don’t forget to train train your legs! n n Rosemarie Brickman Nobuko Kallestad Christine Keefer Kathy Abbott Tracy Simonds

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