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Spring-Summer 2018
NGA Abraham Fitness PRo/AM Championships
May 19 2018
Coral Springs FL
Promoter: Abraham oluwole www abrahamfitnesschampionships com www abrahamfitnesstraining com abrahamoluwole@gmail com The NGA 5th Annual Abraham Fitness PRO/AM Championships
is in the books and has once again left us with unfor-
gettable memories fantastic sportsmanship and an an amazing passion to compete The competition weekend started on on on on Friday with registration at at the new Hampton Inn & Suites of Coconut Creek FL
As our host hotel some com- petitors friends and and families checked in and and really enjoyed their stay The athletes were excited at at at registration and and a a a a a a a a a a a a bit nervous and and anxious as they prepared to to carry their energetic spirits to to the the the stage!
On Saturday May 19 2018
it was was time for the big show which was was held this year at at Coral Springs High School Due to the the overwhelming numbers of first-timers competing in in in in in this show the the the the athletes did their their T-walk and and mandatory poses in in in in their their morning competition which they loved This was also a a a a a a a first for the NGA Abraham Fitness Championships
This year the the evening show opened with all athletes and their coaches on on on stage to participate in in in in the the the the the singing of the the the the the National Anthem Long time NGA PRO and and and competitor Earl Snyder was the the the the emcee and and and and head judge at this spectacular competition and and and and he he did an an an an outstanding job After a a a a a a a a a a a a total of 23 classes classes including two first timer classes classes classes classes classes three novice classes classes classes classes eight open classes classes classes classes four PRO classes classes classes classes and a a a a a a a a a Bikini Model class class class class which was first introduced at the 2016 NGA Abraham Fitness PRO/AM Championships
the winners were crowned Whitney Spence mother and first-time competi- tor surprised everyone when she swept the the show by winning Bikini Bikini Bikini First-Timer Bikini Bikini Bikini Novice and and Bikini Bikini Bikini Open and and and became an an an an NGA PRO! Laura Jun- tunen friend and and and workout buddy of Whitney won Figure Figure Figure Novice Figure Figure Figure Open and and Figure Figure Figure Overall to earn her her NGA PRO card There must be be something in in the the the water at at their gym because these ladies were phenomenal!
Branson Fitzpatrick
Physique Open HW NGA PRO Card & Overall Idelisse Rivera
PRO Figure Open winner 58 NGA NATURALmag

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