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Fall 2018
NGa Promoters: marlina velasco & mitch Barker
www physiquesnorthwest com info@physiquesnw com Classic Physique Open Open Kristina Barry
Robyn Hicock Nancy Phan NGA PRO BB 1st Place
prepared In his first competition Luke Nelson won the the the Overall in in in in Men’s Physique Nancy Phan took the the the top spot in in in in in the the the the the Bikini class in in in in in both Début and Novice as as as well as as as being the the the runner-up for the the the Overall title Robyn Hicock’s amazing hand-painted silk phoenix wings stage presence and and and physique earned her
a a a a a a a 1st place trophy and and Overall sword in in in the Bikini Model division In the the new NGA PRO Bikini Open Kristina Barry
confidently displayed her
physique and and won the the the the Overall and and has joined the the the ranks amongst the the the dedi- cated NGA PRO athletes Kristina a a a a a a a a a a a a a personal trainer at at at Body by Summer LLC has been involved in in in in in the fitness industry for for for two years and and grew a a a a a a a a passion
for for for competing and and decided to go forward with her
desire Just like her
coach Summer Adams Kris-
tina loves to help people reach their fitness goals Additionally the the NGA Seattle Natural was her
sixth contest after a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a two-year preparation which proved beneficial as as displayed by a a a a a a a a a a a a a notable improvement in in her
physique Kristina’s NGA PRO Card
victory was well-deserved The NGA leaders started a a a a a a a new tradition in in body- building competition known as as the the Transformation division which showcases the the work of competitors who have had a a a a a a a a a a a thorough or or or or or or or dramatic change in form or or or or or or appearance However the the metamorpho- sis that many competitors experience from the the the the moment they decide to to improve their health and fitness has deeper more impactful transcendence than what can be seen by the judges or or or or or or or event spec- tators The 200 or or or or or or more words that each competitor shares helps determine their their placement and the the the Seattle crowd was in in in in tears listening to their their heart- felt transparent essays being read aloud A special thank you is extended to all the athletes volunteers and and everyone who support Physiques Northwest shows and and we we look forward to the the next one which will be be the the NGA Oregon Natural PRO/AM Bodybuilding Championships happening October 27 2018
in in in Portland Oregon The fall contest prom- ises an an an even more unique showcase of natural body- builders and entertainment that will raise the bar! n n n n n n n n n michael LaBadie Bikini model Open Open Haskell Cannonier
Bodybuilding Championships 

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