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Fall 2018 Fall 2018 Orlando FL June 9 2018 PRO Bikini Open & masters
Kathy Abbott Whitney Spence (1st Place) Place) Kristi Phillips (2nd Place) Place) Cristi Miranda
The 2018 2018 NGA Southeast Natural Champion- ship held on on June 9 2018 2018 was was spectacular This event was was promoted by by Rick Pierre
sponsored sponsored by by by Unmatched Nutrition and and co- sponsored sponsored by by Muscle Vodka and and and Center Stage Posing Suits A special thank you and and con- gratulations is extended to to all the the athletes who poured their blood sweat and tears to to make this show possible!
Top honors in in this outstanding venue went to NGA NGA NGA PRO PRO Bodybuilder Daron Monroe NGA NGA NGA PRO PRO Bikini Open Open and and Master Whitney Spence and and NGA NGA NGA PRO Physique Open Open Ladarius Saunders In the amateur classes coming in in in in in at at 1st place was Bikini Model Kristi Phillips in in in in in Teen Bodybuilding Daniel
Pena took took the the win and and in in in Bodybuilding Open and and Novice it was James Noonan that took took the the top
spot In Men’s Bodybuilding Master’s 60+ and and and 70+ Cliff Jackson won the the title title and and and the the Masters 50+ and and and Bodybuilding Master’s Overall title title went to Kelvin Hunt In the the Physique Physique Open Open and and Novice Physique Physique Mark Kennedy won the the the the top
spot and and in in in Figure Open Open it was Lacie Oakley taking the the the the win win In the the the the Women’s Physique Open and and Master Master categories the the the the winner was Buttercup and and in in in Figure Masters the the the top
spot went to to to Teri Hansen Holli Duncan took the the the win in in in in in in Bikini Bikini Bikini Novice and Cat Burke won the the the 1st place trophy in in in in in in Bikini Bikini Bikini Masters In the the Bikini Bikini Bikini Open category it was Virginia Hatch A special thank you goes to Head Judge Chris- tine Keefer judges Tracy Simonds Maggie Carbone Competitors
L-R: Buttercup Mayer Teri Hansen Virginia Hatch Cat Burke Kristi Phillips Lacie Oakley Holli Duncan Whitney Spence Rick Pierre
Mark Kennedy Kelvin Hunt Ladarius Saunders Daniel
Peña James Noonan Daron Monroe 22 NGA NATURALmag NGA NATURALmag NGAPRO/AMSoutheast 

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